King's Quest 2: Romancing the Throne


If you have Trizbort external link installed, here is a Trizbort map for this game. Please note that this walkthrough is not comprehensive about the range of screens where certain wandering characters can appear.

Regarding hazards

There are several wandering characters who can appear on certain screens. They may be there when you enter the screen, or they may not appear for several seconds. When wandering in one of the baddies' stomping grounds, it's a good idea to keep near the edge of the screen so that you can change screens quickly if need be. (As mentioned above about the map, this section is not comprehensive yet.)

Enchanter: The evil enchanter can appear at the antique shop and west, east, and south of it. He will turn Graham into a frog, ending the game.
Hagatha: Hagatha can appear at her cave or one screen east of it. She captures Graham to eat him, ending the game.
Dwarf: The dwarf can appear on six screens surrounding the west, north, and east of his home. He will steal treasures from Graham, but you can get them back.

In addition to these enemies, there are two good wandering characters you can encounter:

Red Riding Hood: She can appear at her grandmother's house, just east or west of it, and one screen south of the meadow on the west.
Fairy: The fairy can appear on either the east or west screens of the monastery, or one screen south of the eastern end.

There are also some geographical hazards to be wary of:

Water: When you walk into a lake or the ocean, quickly press = (equals key) or type swim, or Graham will drown. Avoid walking into the poison lake at all costs.
Stairs/Falling: Climbing hazards are less of a problem here than in KQ1, KQ3, or KQ4, but still, falls from about three times Graham's height will kill, so you may wish to save the game before climbing up or down.
Chasm: Walk with care around the chasm screens in eastern Kolyma. It's quite easy to fall to your death because you didn't stop moving soon enough, especially when changing screens.
Bridge: You can only cross the bridge seven times, which is exactly how many times you must cross it. It will collapse if you attempt an eighth crossing.

The First Door

Go east two screens. Open the mailbox (+7 = 7) and get the basket. (+2 = 9) Continue east three more screens. (You may run into the fairy and receive her protection spell on the way.) At the eastern end of the monastery, position Graham in the left third of the screen, behind the building, and go north. Carefully go across the bridge (+1 = 10), east, and north. Walk up to the floating door and read it. "Make a splash", hm? Sounds like an adventure in water.

Return south, west, across the bridge (+1 = 11), south, and all the way west back to the beach. You want to run into Red Riding Hood on the way. If you make it to the beach and still haven't encountered her, walk back and forth between the beach and the meadow behind the house until you find her. She can also show up at the lake one screen west and one south of the house. When you see her, walk up to her and talk to her. Give her the basket (+4 = 15) and you will receive a bouquet of flowers.

Back at the beach where you started the game, go north two screens. Get the trident. (+3 = 18) Go north two more screens. The grey object at the center of the screen is a shell. Get the shell, then get the bracelet. (+7 = 25) Go north one more screen. Here you will see a mermaid. (She doesn't appear until you have read the first door.) Swim up to her and give her the flowers. (+2 = 27) (Alternatively, she will accept a treasure, for fewer points.) Ride the seahorse. (+2 = 29) Relax while you are taken underwater to King Neptune. Swim over to him and give him the trident. (+4 = 33) He will give you a bottle. Swim over to behind the clam and get the key. (+5 = 38) Swim off to the east and you will automatically be taken back to shore. Examine the bottle and get the cloth. (+2 = 40)

For Your Amusement:
Drink the ocean water.
In the edge of woods screen one screen north and one east of the beach where you find the trident, go behind the tree at the lower right and look at the sign (you can't see it onscreen).
Give the trident to the mermaid, leave the screen and return, then give her the flowers and visit Neptune as usual. Or (same result) wave the trident to open the clam, then give the trident to Neptune. (save first)
Talk to the seahorse.
Talk to Neptune.

The Second Door

Go north two screens, east five, north, and across the bridge (+1 = 41) to the magic door. Unlock the first door (+7 = 48) and read the second door. "Set their sights high", hmm? We haven't wandered around by the mountains that block off the east edge of Kolyma, but on one screen they're described as "you'd have to be a bird to cross."

Return south, west, and across the bridge. (+1 = 49) Go west four screens. Carefully walk up to the birdcage without touching Hagatha. Put the cloth over the cage (+2 = 51) and take it. (+2 = 53) Leave the cave. (If you are under the fairy's spell, Hagatha will not be home, so if you want maximum points, wait until the spell wears off before entering her cave. If you don't mind missing points, while you're protected you can just walk up to the cage and take it.)

Go one screen east and one north. Look in the log and take the necklace. (+7 = 60) Continue east three screens and then north three screens. Open the door and enter the shop. (The shop doesn't open until you've read the second door.) Walk up to the woman and buy the lamp. Gee, conveniently, we just happen to have said nightingale! Give the cage to the woman. (+6 = 66) (Alternatively, you can pay her two treasures, for fewer points.) You will receive the lamp and be kicked out of the shop.

Rub the lamp three times. You will receive a magic carpet, a sword, and a bridle; then the lamp will disappear. (+6 = 72) Go one screen east and ride the carpet. (+4 = 76) When you land at the clifftop, go one screen east. Walk close to the snake, but not past the narrow point of the rocks in front of it. Throw the bridle on the snake. (+5 = 81) Talk to the horse. (+2 = 83) (Alternate solution for fewer points: kill the snake with the sword. That solution also doesn't get you the magic sugar cube, which is a very handy thing to have later in the game.)

Go east one screen. Enter the cave. Walk up to the key and take it. (+5 = 88) Leave the cave and go west one screen. Ride the carpet again. You will be set down outside the antique shop. Go one screen north. Swim across the lake to the rock with a hole in it, and look in the hole. (+1 = 89) Get the brooch. (+7 = 96)

For Your Amusement:
Repeatedly walk in and out of the screen with Hagatha's cave.
Kiss Hagatha.
Feed the snake.
Look in the hole in the rocks just outside of the cave on top of the cliff.
Ride the magic carpet both inside the cave and while standing in the doorway, but not fully outside. (save first)

The Third Door

Continue north two screens, across the bridge (+1 = 97), and to the magic door. Unlock the second door (+7 = 104) and read the third door. "A stout heart" might refer to courage and dangerous deeds. In fact, we're going to the castle in the middle of the poison lake.

Return south and west and cross the bridge. (+1 = 105) Go west two screens. Open the door in the tree. Maneuver Graham down the ladder. (It may help to slow the game down a notch.) At bottom, go east. If the dwarf is home, quickly leave the screen and return. (Yes, the dwarf can magically disappear by doing this...) Take the pot of chicken soup from the fire. (+2 = 107) Go over to the chest on the east side of the screen. Open it and look inside. Get the earrings. (+7 = 114) If the dwarf has stolen any treasures from you, they will be in here as well. Go west and climb out.

Go north and east. Stand north of the rocks by the tree in the middle of the screen and look in the hole. Get the mallet. (+2 = 116) Go west three screens and north twice. The gray object leaning against a tree near the middle of the screen is a stake. Take the stake. (+2 = 118) Go north three screens and east one screen. Save the game. Enter the house. If the wolf is there, leave and immediately return, until Grandma appears. Walk up to her and talk to her. Give her the chicken soup. (+2 = 120) Look under the bed. (+4 = 124) You will automatically take the cloak and ruby ring. Wear the cloak and ring. (+3 = 127) (Soooo.... why does Grandma Dracula's stuff under her bed, anyway?)

Leave the house and go east three screens. Open the door and go into the monastery. Walk up to the altar and pray. (+2 = 129) When the monk asks your name, say Graham. (+2 = 131) You will receive a silver cross. (Soooo... why is there Christianity in the King's Quest universe?) Wear the cross. (+2 = 133) Leave the monastery. Go south four screens and west two screens. Walk up to the boat and get in it. (If you don't have the cloak and ring, you can pay the boatman with a treasure, for fewer points.) Leave the boat. Eat the sugar cube. (+1 = 134) Walk up the path to the castle door. (It's possible to navigate the poison thorns if you don't have the sugar cube, but save the game first and walk slowly and carefully.)

When you reach the door, the screen will change and you'll be confronted by two ghosts. They are also fooled by your costume and will depart. (If you aren't wearing the cloak and ring, the silver cross also scares them.) Open the door and walk in. Go west one screen and climb the ramp. At the top, walk over to the chest of drawers and open the drawer. Get the candle. (+2 = 136) Return down the stairs. On the way down, light the candle from the torch. (+1 = 137) Go east two screens. Get the ham from the dining room table. (+2 = 139) Continue east. Walk down the stairs (using a diagonal movement key on the number pad will help here). Go west into the crypt. If the coffin is open, leave and return until it is closed. Open the coffin and quickly kill Dracula. (+7 = 146) (If you take too long, he'll wake up, see your cross, and fly away; in that case, leave the screen and return until the coffin is closed again.) Get the silver key. (+2 = 148) Look in the coffin. Take the pillow and get the gold key. (+5 = 153) Leave the crypt and climb back up the stairs. Go west into the dining room, then north to the base of the other tower.

Climb the stairs. At the top, go over to the chest and unlock it with the silver key. (+1 = 154) Open the chest and take the tiara. (+7 = 161) Return down the stairs, west into the foyer, and out of the castle. Walk south past the brambles and get on the boat. Go east two screens and south two screens to the bridge, being careful of the dwarf who would still love to steal your treasures. (If he does get you, restore, or go to his home in the tree and get them back.) Cross the bridge (+1 = 162) and go east and north to the door. Unlock it. (+7 = 169)

For Your Amusement:
Get eaten by the wolf. (save first)
Kill the monk. (save first)
Walk up to the ghosts while wearing neither the cloak and ring nor the cross. (save first)
Blow out the candle while on the stairs. (save first)
Don't wear the cross, so you get bitten by Dracula.(save first)

The Enchanted Land

Go north one screen and get the net. (+1 = 170) Walk up to the edge of the beach and fish. (+2 = 172) Keep trying until you catch a fish. Pick it up and throw it back in the water. (+3 = 175) Walk up to the edge and ride the fish. (+1 = 176) Go east one screen and get the amulet. (+3 = 179) Look at it. Go south one screen. Look at the tower. Open the door, and enter the tower. Climb the stairs. At the top, walk to a spot a couple of steps before you reach the door frame. Give the ham to the lion and it will fall asleep. (+4 = 183) (Alternate solution for fewer points: kill it with the sword.) Open the door. (+5 = 188) Walk up to Valanice. Look at her. Kiss her. Say home. (+3 = 191)

Umm... the math here is right. If I add up it is 191 and not 185 as they claim (as as teh game itself states). Soo... they must have individual point awards wrong for some things.

For Your Amusement:
Kill the golden fish.
Say home as soon as you pick up the amulet. (save first)
Pet the lion.
Get eaten by the lion. (save first)
Take Valanice.
Kill Valanice.

For Your Amusement at various times:
Ask the game what is Graham's first name.
Get caught by Hagatha and by the enchanter. (save first)
Try to wear all the treasures.

Death is generally not particularly amusing in this game, but here are other methods not mentioned above:
Drown in ordinary water (don't swim)
Swim more than two screens out into the ocean
Walk into the poison lake, or drink from it
Fall from more than a short height (there are slightly different messages for various staircases, the chasm, and the top of the cliff)
Walk across the bridge too many times
Walk too close to the snake
Touch the poison brambles
Walk into the ocean or the waterfall on the mysterious beach (slightly different messages).


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