This walkthrough refers to the "enhanced" EGA remake using the SCI interpreter that Sierra released in 1990. It will also work for the unofficial VGA version released by Anonymous Game Developers (a.k.a. Tierra) in 2001, although there are a few extra amusements in that version (which have been noted).

Around Daventry

Go west twice, across the bridge. Stand to the north of the rock visible at the middle of the screen and move rock. (+2 = 2) Look in the hole and get the dagger. (+5 = 7) Go north. Position Graham in between the rocks and the tree trunk. Climb the tree. (+2 = 9) Using the mouse, walk carefully out along the branch to the bird's nest you see. (A fall here won't kill you, but it's annoying to have to start the climb over.) Get the egg from the nest. (+6 = 15) Go back across the branch and down the tree.

Go east. Pick a carrot from the garden. (+2 = 17) Go north. If the elf isn't there, exit and return until he appears. Talk to him (+3 = 20) and you will receive a magic ring. Wear the ring. Go north and get the bowl that is near the clump of flowers in the left center of the screen. (+3 = 23) Read the bowl. (+1 = 24)

Go west. Get a walnut from the ground (+3 = 27) and open it. Repeat until you find a gold walnut. (+3 = 30) Go south three screens and then west. Walk carefully up to the yellow part of the lake shore and get some pebbles. (+1 = 31) Go west two screens and look in the stump. (+1 = 32) Get the pouch (+3 = 35) and open it. (+3 = 38)

Go east one screen, then south. Go inside the house. Say FILL to fill the bowl. (+2 = 40) Give it to the woodcutter. (+3 = 43) Walk over to the table and take the fiddle. (+3 = 46) Play it, if you like.

Leave the woodcutter's house and go south two screens to a gingerbread house. Obviously a witch lives here, right? Save the game. Open the door. If the witch Dahlia is there, leave immediately, leave the house screen, and come back and try again. Repeat until Dahlia is not home. is eating the house first a way to tell whether she's in?

Once she's not there, go into the bedroom and position Graham so he's behind part of the wall and wouldn't be seen from the main room. Save the game. Wait for the witch to come home. When she does, quickly walk up behind her and push her into the cauldron. (+7 = 53) Pick up the note from the table in the bedroom. (+1 = 54) Read it. (+2 = 56) Open the cupboard next to the cauldron (+2 = 58) and get the cheese. (+2 = 60) Leave the house and eat a piece of it. (+2 = 62)

For Your Amusement:
(save first) Walk into the moat.
(save first) Stand to the south of the rock when you move it.
(VGA) One screen west from the "elf" screen, knock on the door that goes up into the mountain. You may see a special visitor. (1 in 100(?); to reset the probability you have to re-enter the screen.)
(VGA) On the screen where you find the diamonds in the stump, look at the bush in the center of the screen.
(save first) Get caught by the witch.
Take a close look at the smoke coming from the cauldron in Dahlia's cottage.
(VGA) Repeatedly read the note. You may catch a special message. (1 in 15)

A note regarding the three treasures in different versions of the game

In the original King's Quest, you can seek the treasures in any order, which means you can get the shield first and it would protect you from enemies you encountered while going after the other two. In the remake, you can only get the shield last, after you have both the mirror and the chest, but those two can be gotten in either order.

The Magic Mirror

Go south two screens and walk up to the well. Cut the rope to get the bucket. (+2 = 64) Move a few steps to the right so Graham can reach the crank. Lower the rope. Move back to the left and climb down into the well. (+2 = 66) At the bottom, let go to fall into the water. Dive. (+4 = 70) Swim down, to the left, and up. Get out. Carefully use the mouse to turn around to face the pool. Fill the bucket. (+2 = 72) Go west.

Walk carefully towards the dragon until it wakes up. Throw the water at the dragon. (+6 = 78) (For fewer points, you can also throw the dagger.) Go over to the mirror and look in it, then take it. (+8 = 86) Hang on, it scores points to go forward and take the path rather than go back? (+2 = 88) Go back out the way you came in: east, fall into the pool, dive, swim down, east, and up, and climb rope twice to get out of the well.

For Your Amusement:
(save first) Walk too close to the dragon and get fried.
(VGA) Look in the magic mirror while invisible.
(VGA) Quit the game while still underwater in the well, and listen carefully to Graham's voice.

The Magic Chest

Go west one screen. Walk up to the gate and open it. Enter the pen and close the gate behind you, being careful not to let the goat out. Show the carrot to the goat, but do not give it to him. (+5 = 93) (This may take several tries, especially if you have the game sped up.) Once you have "made a friend", leave the pen. Go two screens west and two north to a bridge. (You'll probably get spelled by your fairy godmother on the way, but her spell isn't very needed in this walkthrough.)

Start to cross the bridge and a troll will appear. The billy goat will butt him off the bridge and then leave. (+4 = 97) Cross the bridge. On the next screen, approach the gnome. (In the VGA version you must click the speak icon on him.) His name is Nikstlitselpmur, which is "Rumplestiltskin" in reverse. (+9 = 106) He will give you some magic beans.

Walk east two screens to a flowery meadow. Plant the beans. (+2 = 108) Save the game. Climb the beanstalk. After Graham climbs up the base on his own, climb the rest by careful mouse clicks. Pay attention to where Graham's hands are, not his feet; his feet can dangle and he won't fall. Save the game frequently.

When you get to the top (+2 = 110), walk straight east until you hit solid ground. Walk east from here one screen, then south, then two more east. Look in the hole at the base of the tree towards the right of the screen and get the slingshot. (+2 = 112)

Go north one screen, then west. Rub the ring. Hang around until the giant falls asleep. (+7 = 119) (This should take less than a minute. If nothing seems to be happening, walk slightly further into the screen.) Go up between the giant's legs and take the chest. (+8 = 127)

Go east one screen, save the game, and enter the cave. Go down the stairs with careful mouse clicks. Save every so often; not only can you fall to your death, but a dwarf can appear who will steal all your treasures, ending the game.

When you reach the bottom, simply walk through the door, which will dissolve. (In the VGA version you must click the hand on it.)

For Your Amusement:
Kill the goat.
In the meadow where you plant the beans, eat the butterfly.
On the first beanstalk screen, look at the clouds.

The Magic Shield

Go west five screens and get the four-leaf clover from the patch towards the left of the screen. (+2 = 129) Return east two screens. Stand at the center of the screen and wait to catch a ride with a condor. Use F6 (or the hand icon) to jump when the condor swoops down. This may take a few tries. (In the VGA game, the condor will make three passes.) If you don't catch it, or it doesn't come, leave the screen and come back to try again. Slow the game down if you are having trouble.

Once you get the condor (+3 = 132), go west one screen from where you are dropped, walk carefully up to the mushroom, and pick it. (+1 = 133) Go back east and fall down the hole. Follow the cave south and west. Walk up to the rat. Give it the cheese. (+2 = 135) (Alternate solution is to give the rat a treasure, at the cost of the treasure.) Go through the door. Play the fiddle before the guards reach you. (+3 = 138)

Go west. After all the leprechauns have popped out, walk up to and ake the scepter (+6 = 144) and shield. (+8 = 152) Go west again. Walk up to the small hole at the top left and save the game. Eat the mushroom (+3 = 155) and exit immediately. Return to the castle by going north two screens, then east two screens. Enter the castle by opening the gate. (+3 = 158 out of 158) Congratulations, King Graham!

For Your Amusement:
Count your fingers after giving the rat the cheese.
(VGA) Listen carefully to the sound effect when you eat the mushroom.

Further VGA-only amusements:
Talk to each of the castle guards while invisible. You can only do it once per game, so save your game first to try both.
Talk to yourself repeatedly. Graham may give a KQ5 reference. (1 in 15 times)
Two screens east of the castle, look at the rock at the base of the tree near the lake.
Enter a troll bridge screen without the goat following, then click a food item on the bridge troll. (1 in 4 times)
(save first) Get the goat to tag along, then go to the screen west of the clover patch. Click the carrot on Graham. Don't stand too much to the bottom or top of the screen when you try this.


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