To get maximum points you must play all the arcade sequences, but you can do them on the easiest level if you like, and you don't have to do perfectly to score full points for each one.

Act I: Living the Coarsegold Dream

Note: The chemicals in Freddy's pharmacy lab are for copy-protection purposes only. May cause itching, swelling, or redness of the eyes. Do not take internally. Ya idjit.

Go two screens east. Use the key in your inventory on the pharmacy door. Go behind the counter by clicking the hand on the swinging part at the far left of the counter. Penelope Primm will enter and give you a prescription. Go to the back room of the pharmacy and click the hand on your laboratory. Read Penelope's prescription. Measure out 40 ml of pepticlymacine tetrazole (dark blue-green bottle, fifth from left on top shelf) using the graduated cylinder. Put it in a medicine bottle and cork the bottle. Return to the main pharmacy and give the bottle to Penelope.

Next, Helen Back will enter. Go to the laboratory. Read Helen's prescription. Measure 15 ml bismuth enterosalicyline (bluish bottle, first from left on top shelf) with the graduated cylinder and pour it into a beaker. Measure 30 gm phenodol oxytriglychlorate (beige canister; fourth from right on second shelf) with the balance and add to the beaker. Stir with a glass rod, then dispose of the rod in the waste receptacle. Pour the mixture into the pill machine. Pull the lever. Get a bottle and put the 3 pills in it. Repeat until all the mixture is used and you have a bottle of 21 pills. Cork the bottle, return to the counter, and give it to Helen.

Next, Madam Ovaree will give you a prescription. Look at it. Leave the pharmacy, go two screens west, and enter the saloon. Take the whiskey glass and use it on the prescription. Show it to Doc Gillespie. He will correct the prescription. Return to your lab. Put 15 gm of bimethylquinoline (white canister; third from right on second shelf) and 15 gm of metyraphosphate (beige canister; first from right on first shelf) in the mortar and grind it with the pestle. Use the 5 gm spatula to put a dose on a dispensing paper and put the paper in a prescription box. Repeat until you have used all the mixture. Return to the counter and give it to Madam Ovaree.

Finally, Smithie (the blacksmith) will arrive. Look at the top of the left-hand display rack. Get the Preparation G (bluish tube in front) and give it to Smithie.

For Your Amusement:
Talk to the Indian outside the pharmacy.

Act II: The Plot Sickens

Save the game to prevent having to go through all that prescription-filling again (ugh). Go to Mom's Café. Take the empty bean can from the shelf. Leave the café and enter the saloon. Exit through the back door at top right. Get the icepick which is stuck in the barrel just outside the door. Take the yellow bottle fro the broken wagon at the bottom right of the screen. Go back through the saloon and west one screen. Get the rope and bridle that are hanging on Smithie's closed building. Take charcoal from his forge. Put the charcoal in the tin can. Use the ice pick on the can to make holes in it. Put the bridle on the can. Voila, a Western-style gas mask! Use it on Freddy. Whenever the game says you are getting light-headed, use the mask to get a few breaths of fresh air.

Go east two screens and into the mercantile store. Get the paper bag from the counter. Exit the store and go east one screen. Stand next to the horses. Wait until you see a tail waving upwards. Quickly click the bag on the horse's rump. Go to your lab. Put the elixir in the alcohol lamp and light the lamp with the matches. Put the gaseous spectroscope in front of the lamp. Use the bag on the spectroscope. (If the game won't allow you to do it, fiddle with the position of the spectroscope.) Click the hand on the lamp to extinguish it. Measure 40 gm sodium bicarbonate (blue canister, first from right on second shelf) and 15 ml furachlordone (brown bottle, fourth from left on first shelf) into a beaker. Add 45 ml water (small brownish bottle in centre of second shelf). Add 5 gm magnesium sulfate (blue box, first from left on second shelf). Stir with a glass rod and dispose of the rod. Pour the mixture into a bottle and cork the bottle. Leave the pharmacy and pour the mixture into the horses' water trough.

Go to the saloon and talk to the bartender. Give him your money to buy a case of beer. Go out the back door and then south. Open the church door. Look at the votive candles and get the puddle of wax. Examine the church door. Get the key from the keyhole. Use the key (a church-key, get it?) to open the bottles. Go east and southeast. Take the ladder from the slide on the playground. Go six screens west, across the bridge. Get one of the snails. Use the beer on the snails. Talk to the man sitting on top of the anthill. Use the ladder on the anthill. After rescuing Srini, you will be back in the pharmacy.

Go east and northwest to the outhouse. Look at the people. Turn on the faucet. Use the beer bottles on the faucet to get some water. Drink the water. Oh my! Go west, south, and through the saloon to Mom's Café. Talk to Helen a few times and give her the snail. Return to the pharmacy and go to your lab. Put 25 ml bismuth subsalicylate (pink bottle, sixth from left on first shelf) and 5 ml orphenamethihydride (rust bottle, sixth from right on first shelf) in a test tube. Light the lamp and heat the tube over the flame. Pour the mixture into a bottle and cork the bottle. Leave the pharmacy and go all the way west across the bridge. Get the ladder and go east twice, north, and east twice back to the outhouse. Put the ladder on the water tank stand. Climb the ladder with the walk icon. Get the ladder and put it on the side of the water tank. Climb the ladder again. Click the hand on the rope in inventory to make a lasso. Use the lasso on the top of the tank. Climb up the rope. Open the small hatch on the right side of the tank roof. Pour the medicine into the water tank.

What, now the Assay Office is on fire? Sheesh! Go downstairs and leave the pharmacy. Get the sacks of bicarbonate of soda that are outside the door. Go east. Put the sacks of baking soda on the right-hand side of the teeter-totter. Click the hand on the swing. Save the game (it's easy to screw up here). Click the hand icon on yourself. As you swing forwards, click again. Repeat twice to be sure you are swinging as high as you can. When you are at the peak of the swing, click the hand on the roof of the school to jump off the swing and land there. Then jump down onto the left-hand side of the teeter-totter. Paf! Baking soda everywhere! But it's an effective fire suppressant. Now, go west three screens and then south. Pause, don't move, while you overhear the banker and the sheriff discussing their nefarious deeds. Go into the brothel. Get the postcards that are on the table. Go northwest into the other room. Watch the cut-scene.

For Your Amusement:
Talk to and touch Cedric, who appears past the bridge when you go to get the ladder.
Open the cabinet in the foyer of the brothel.
Talk to each of the ladies (including the sheep).

Act III: Guns and Neuroses

Open the trunk, look inside, and get your gunslinger's outfit. Open the night-stand drawer, look inside, and get the key. Open the dresser, look inside, and get the claim check. Go downstairs. Unlock the desk, then unlock the drawer in the desk. Look inside and get the letter. Read the letter. Go outside and get the pile of horse dung. Go west one screen and go to the barber shop. Give Salvatore the claim check for your boots, then give him the postcards. Go to the church and go west into the graveyard. Get the shovel and read the headstone of the grave it was stuck in. Dig up the grave. Get into the grave using the hand icon. You will get a key and put the letter in Phil's hands. Fill in the grave with the shovel and click the hand on it to get a lump of clay.

Go to the bank. Give the banker the safe deposit box key. Get the guns and neckerchief from the box. Go to Mom's Café and get a cup of coffee. Put the horse dung on floor and leave the café. Go around to the back and get the pie from the windowsill. Go through the saloon and east twice. Enter the sheriff's office. Talk to the Sheriff. Give him the pie and coffee. Leave. Use the gun cleaning kit on your guns, then load them. Go to the screen to the west of the graveyard. Use the beer bottles on the fence posts. Select your skill level and do your best to shoot all the bottles.

Go south and east two screens to the mercantile. Use the lump of wax on Willy. Leave the shop and return. Get the pocket knife. Use it to carve an ear out of the wax. Use the clay on the ear. Go to the pharmacy and get the medallion that is hanging on the back right wall. Go to your lab. Light the lamp and use the clay mold on it. Put the silver medallion in the crucible and melt the silver over the lamp. Pour the silver into the mold. Use the hand on the mold in inventory to scrape away the clay and find a silver ear. (Hot damn!) Go out to the main pharmacy and talk to Srini. Go upstairs. You will automatically change into full gunslinger regalia.

Act IV: Showdown at the Hallelujah Corral

You will probably want to save the game after each of the action sequences in this act.

Go west to the saloon. Talk to Chester, who is walking outside. Enter the saloon and look at the poker game. Click the hand icon on the "third hand" that you can see darting up from under the table. When you are hiding behind the upturned table, shoot the brass rail at the foot of the bar. Exit through the back door and go up the hotel stairs. Put the can of nitrous oxide on the balcony. Return downstairs. Go south, west, and south twice. Walk into the gazebo. Shoot the can of nitrous oxide.

Return to Main Street. Select your skill level and play the bad-guy target-shooting game. (Besides the bad guys, you can also shoot the vultures and snails.) Shoot Kenny the Kid. When you are lying on the ground bleeding, get your neckerchief and use it on your ear. Now in the schoolhouse with Penelope, drop your guns by clicking the hand on them in inventory. Quickly get the slate from the desk you are standing next to.

After Penelope throws the gun at your head, you will wake up tied to a chair in the basement. Click the hand icon on the chair, rocking back and forth until you fall. Get the silver ear. Use the ear on the floor to sharpen it, then use it on the ropes tying you to the chair. Go upstairs. Get the other sword from over the blackboard. Choose your skill level and fight Penelope until you corner her. Throw the sharpened silver ear at Kenny, and watch the Epilogue. (Sing along!)

For Your Amusement:
Talk to the dude in the white suit who is leaning against the bar.

For Your Amusement at various times:
Look at everything you possibly can (all objects in all locations, buildings…).
Talk to all the passers-by on the street, including the animals.


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