Dad's Lab

Look at the oily seagull in the box. Get the rag (+2 = 2) and detergent (+2 = 4) that are next to the box. Open your inventory and click the dish soap on the rag. (+5 = 9) Use the soapy rag on the seagull. (+5 = 14) During the scene, Adam's dad will hand you some experimental fertilizer-based cleaner, then leave the room. (+2 = 16)

Look at the cage on the table. Click outside of the bubble to exit the closeup. Pick up the water bottle (+2 = 18) and click it on the cage (+5 = 23). Exit the closeup when you're tired of gerbil dancing. (What, not "Hello! Ma Baby"?) Look at the tank on the table. Use the fertilizer liquid on it. (+5 = 28) 

Take the mail that's sitting on the chair in front of the desk. (+5 = 33) Pick up the empty envelope from the chair. Adam will fold a paper airplane and fly it into the recycling bin. (+5 = 38)  Pick up the soda can from the desk. (+2 = 40) Put it in the recycling bin. (+5 = 45) Pick up the trash bag at the bottom left. (+10 = 55)

Look at the computer screen. (+5 = 60) Look at the bookshelf on the far left five times. (+5 = 65) Look at the blackboard. (+5 = 70) Before leaving the room, ready the talk icon. Wait and watch the rug. When a periscope pops up, quickly talk to it. (+2 = 72)

Click the hand on the door twice. Enter 9731 (the code is given in the manual), then press E.

For Your Amusement:
Pick up the book lying on the rug that Adam was reading in the opening.
Look at the computer a second time.
Look at the desk.
Click the hand on the window. (Or maybe this is not meant to be a joke? It is possible to paint over a window frame such that you can't open it...)
Click the hand on the gerbil after giving it the water.
Talk to an inanimate object.
Use all the various icons on Adam.

Dolphin Pool

Open the cabinet under the blackboard. Get the diving equipment. (+10 = 87) Look at one of the boats. Look at the cage over the propeller. (+5 = 92) Read the blackboard. (+5 = 97)  

Talk to the dolphin three times. (+6 = 103) Now that he's eying the bucket of fish, get a mackerel from the bucket next to the door (+2 = 105). Wait until the dolphin stops swimming. Throw the mackerel to the dolphin. (+2 = 107) Repeat. (+2, +2 = 111) Click the hand on the ladder to climb into the water. (+5 = 116) When the dolphin offers its dorsal fin, click the hand on it. (+5 = 121) Climb out of the pool and get the green Frisbee. (+2 = 123) Throw it at the dolphin. (+1 = 124) When he throws it back, click the hand on it to catch it. (+1 = 125) Repeat three times. (+6 = 131)  Throw the Frisbee one last time. (+1 = 132)

Hey, hang on -- did that dolphin just talk??

After the conversation, move the lever that is next to the gate, near the boat hulls. (+10 = 142)

At Sea

Later, when Delphineus returns, put the fins/gloves/mask on Adam. (+5 = 147) He will jump into the water. Swim north twice. Pick up the glass jar that is floating among the trash. (+2 = 149) Try to open it, but you'll find that Adam can't get enough of a grip. Click the trash bag on the other trash repeatedly until you've picked up as much as the game will let you. (+5 = 154) Swim west. Wear the air tanks. (+10 = 164) Swim down twice, then east. There is a downward exit on the bottom left (near southwest corner) of this screen that is a pain to find; keep trying. (+15 = 179)


Everywhere you go underwater, look at all the various fish, plants, and sea life. You don't score any points, but some of the descriptions are amusing.

On the "main street" screen, pick up all the trash: beach ball, shopping cart, TV, pipe, radio, desk chair, tricycle, and teddy bear. (+10 = 189) Get the steel cage. (+2 = 191)

Swim to the temple at the back right. Take the bronze shell from the pedestal. (+2 = 193) Examine the carving on the right wall. Examine the left wall. Whee, a sliding tile puzzle. (+15 = 208) (You will still get the points even if you have to click for help.) When you've solved the puzzle, examine it repeatedly in different spots to find the various symbols (fish, man, frond, heart, dog). Leave to the south.

Examine the bronze statue holding the trident. Click the bronze shell on the servant. (+10 = 218) Take the trident. (+5 = 223) Go back into the Temple. Use the trident on the carving of the three eyes. (+10 = 233) Talk to the Oracle. (+2 = 235) For the first riddle, click the man; for the second the fish; then the heart. (+5, +5, +5 = 250) Leave the Temple.

Swim west. Clean up the soda, spray bottle, purse, shoe, tire, fishing line, bicycle wheel, pot, sheet, and can of broccoli. (+10 = 260) Pour the fertilizer solution on the coral whale. (+10 = 270) Talk to the angry lobster, a.k.a. Demeter, the Guardian of the Greens. (+2 = 272) She will give you some healing potion. (+2 = 274) Pick up the shell that fell from above. (+2 = 276) Return east.

Go to the Fish Apartments at the back left. Get the white cloth. (+2 = 278) Use it to clean off the shell. (+5 = 283) Return southeast.

Go to the round structure at the back, the Council Chambers. Talk to the mask. (+2 = 285) Experiment with turning some of the left-hand column sections. Notice how most of them affect another one at the same time? Keep clicking around until you find one that does not affect any others. (Which one it is is different each time.) Turn that one until it "locks into place". Find the next one that behaves the same way and repeat. (So, fortunately, this is not the more complex kind of puzzle like in one of the Dr. Brain games where you have to manage the interlocks themselves.) (+10 = 295) Talk to the hermit crab. (+2 = 297) Give him the cleaned shell and you will receive a starfish badge. (+5 = 302) Leave to the south.

Fish Apartments

After the little scene, return to the Fish Apartments. Clean up the candy box, toothpaste tube, toaster, sock, plate, shirt, baseball cap, and shoe. (+10 = 312) Talk to the center door on the bottom tier. (+2 = 314) Show the badge to the watchman (...watchmanatee?). (+5 = 319)

Click the hand on the blowfish trapped in the bag to push him through the door. (+5 = 324) Inside the apartment, click the hand on the fish again to release him from the baggie. (+10 = 334) In a moment you will receive a couple of sea urchins. (+2 = 336) Clean up the discarded baggie. (+5 = 341) Leave the apartment to the southeast.

Enter the next apartment to the left, with the rounded door. Talk to the angelfish. (+2 = 343) Put the sea urchins on the potted garden plants. (+10 = 353) Epidermis will give you a sharp shell. (+2 = 355) Leave the apartment to the southeast.

Enter the apartment on the far right of this row, with the angled doorway. Talk to the swordfish. (+2 = 357) Use the sharp shell you just got to cut the six-pack rings off Hippocrates' snout. (+10 = 367) You will receive a pair of tweezers in return. Pick up the six-pack rings (+5 = 372) and use the shell to cut them. (+5 = 377)

Go into the top right apartment. Clean up the deflated balloon in the center of the room. (+5 = 382) Look at the sea turtle. Pull the string in his mouth. (+5 = 387) Use the tweezers on him. (+5 = 392) You will receive some screws. (+2 = 394) Clean up the balloon you pulled out of Erroneous's throat. (+5 = 399) Leave the apartment to the southeast.

Go into Gregarious's apartment. Talk to him. Adam will follow Gregarious up to the surface. Talk to the man in the boat. (+2 = 401) Open your inventory and combine the screws with the cage. (+5 = 406) Use the combined object on the boat's propeller. (+5 = 411) Adam and Gregarious will return below. Clean up the sushi (... if you say so? looks like a slice of bread to me) and wine bottle that were just dumped overboard. (+10 = 421) Pick up the red water pump. (+2 = 423)

Go into the top left apartment. Clean up the bottle of bleach that is under the table. (+5 = 428) Use the water pump on the window. (+5 = 433) You will receive a lionfish spine from Olympia. (+2 = 435) Leave the apartment to the southeast. Gregarious will leave now as well.

You will automatically be taken to the Council Chambers for a cut-scene, where Adam will get the GREAT SENATOR!'s mask. (+2 = 437) When you arrive in the Temple, use the trident on the eyes again. Give the mask to the Oracle. (+10 = 447) Follow Delphineus out of the temple and then south.

For Your Amusement:
Look at the headless statue.
Touch the floor in the Council Chambers.
Look at the posters in Epidermis's apartment.
Look at Hippocrates's diploma.
Repeatedly look at the bookshelf in Erroneous's apartment.

The Reef

Swim closer to the head at the right of the screen. Clean up the doll, flamingo, teddy bear, and boxer shorts. (+10 = 457) Get the mirror. (+2 = 459)

Go east one screen. Look at all the various sea creatures, especially the anemone with the clownfish at the bottom left. Swim up into the opening at the top left where some light is coming down, to pop up in a cave with a pirate skeleton. Open the chest. (+5 = 464) Examine the sparkling bit at the pirate's right hip, notice the skeleton key (...ha ha). (+5 = 469) Pull twice on the pike that is rammed through the skeleton. (+2, +2 = 473) Click the hand on the water to jump back in. Try to get the key. Adam will automatically follow that hungry fish one screen east. Well, don't worry about the key for now.

Look at all the various sea life, especially the sponge near the bottom left that can "conceal a human". Look in the dark area in the center of the screen. Try to get the wire. Hmm, has a strong grip, huh? Use the jar on the octopus. Click the hand on the sponge near the bottom left to hide behind it. (+5; +5 when the octopus opens the jar = 483) Pick up the jar. (+2 = 485) Use the mirror on the octopus. (+10 = 495) Get the wire/cable. (+2 = 497)

Swim back west two screens. Look in the glowing ear. Use the jar on the ear to catch the flashlight fish. (+10 = 512) Return east two screens to the octopus screen. Swim up off the top right corner of the screen (you may have seen bubbles with the word "HELP!" floating in from this direction). Look at the drift net. Look at the creature moving in it on the far right. Use the sharp shell to cut the net and free Persephone. (+5 = 502)

Swim back down and continue east to a screen with a crashed vehicle. Look around at everything on the screen. Get the fishing lure that is swaying back and forth in the center. (+2 = 514) Open the panel behind the seats in the maintenance vehicle. (+5 = 519) Get the hammer (oh well), then the saw. (+2= 521) Use the trident on the toilet tank to pry it open. (+5 = 526) Get the toilet float. (+2 = 528)

Go one more screen east. Try to catch the red fish. Chase it back west to the screen with the anemones. Use the fishing lure on the anemone that burped. (+10 = 538) Get the key. (+2 = 540) Return east to the cave. Click the hand on the cave entrance. Click the jar on the darkness to release the flashlight fish. (+10 = 550) Look at the uneven "brick wall"-like texture at the top right that you can now see. Get a rock. Repeat 13 times (...sigh) until "the light strikes something hidden behind the rocks." (+5 = 555) Click the hand on the glint. (+5 = 560) Read the box. Try to open it. Click the oily rag on the box. (+5 = 565) Unlock the box with the key. (+5 = 570) Get the suit. (+10 = 580)

For Your Amusement
Look at the plant at the Colossus head's chin.
Look at the octopus after getting the wire.

The Waste Dump

Combine the cable with the float (+5 = 585) and then combine this with the transmitter (+5 = 590).  Use this on the barrels of waste. (+5 for tying the cable around the barrels, +10 for casting out the buoy with transmitter, +20 bonus when the scene is over = 625)

After the short scene, swim through the opening at the top left. Look at the harpoon gun. Pry open the cabin door with the trident. (+5 = 630) Hang around long enough and you and Delphineus will get chased by a Flesh-Eater. When you're trapped in the net, cut it with the sharp shell. (+10 = 640)

After the scene, return east, through the cave, and up to the sunk boat. Swim through the cabin. (+5 = 645) Swim up towards the surface. Talk to Cetus. (+10 = 655) Swim down out of the closeup. When Cetus's mouth opens, click the hand on it to swim in. Saw through the harpoon shaft. (+5 = 660) Swim out. Click the hand on the harpoon shaft to remove it from the wound. (+5 = 665) Use the medicine on the wound. (+5 = 670)

Flesh-Eater's Cave

Click the hand on the cave entrance in the distance. Cut Delphineus free with the shell. (+15 = 685) Ready the lionfish spine as the active item. Click it on the Flesh-Eater when he is tangling with Cetus and is distracted. (+20 = 705)

(+20 bonus at the end for receiving the conch shell = 725/725)


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