Conquests of Camelot


You can only get full skill points if you play on the hardest level and complete the arcade sequences perfectly.

This version of the Sierra interpreter supports right-clicking on objects to look at them.

Castle Camelot

Go to your own room (the room you are standing on). Look out the window. Pick up your purse from the table. Go behind the protruding wall at the bottom left corner of the screen and change clothes. You will automatically wear your armor and pick up your shield and sword.

Leave the room and go to the smallest tower at the east. Open the chest to receive a lodestone. Look at the scroll on the table to the right, and read the scroll. Walk up to the map on the west wall and look at it. Click on each of the cities. When finished, press F6 to exit the map view. Ask Merlin about the Grail, Galahad, Gawaine, Launcelot, pentacle or symbol (i.e. the rug on the floor), Christ (i.e. the tapestry on the east wall), Southampton, Glastonbury Tor, and Ot Moor.

Leave Merlin's room and go to the large eastern tower (the Treasury). Ask the Treasurer about Gawaine. Give him your purse, and get copper, silver, and gold coins. Get your purse back.

Leave the treasury and go to Gwenhyver's bower, the small rectangle near the north tower. Ask Gwenhyver about Lancelot. (If you have trouble spelling her name, you can refer to her as "Gwen".) Kiss Gwenhyver. Pick the rose from the bush.

Leave the bower and go to the west tower, the Chapel of the Two Gods. Ask about the symbols. Kneel at Mithras' altar and give first a silver, then a gold coin. Stand, then kneel at Christ's altar and make the same offerings. Stand and leave to the south.

Go to the courtyard. Ask the guard to the left of the gate about Galahad. Give him a gold coin. Return to the Treasury (eastern large tower), give your purse to the Treasurer, and refill it with all three kinds of coins. Get your purse back. Return to the courtyard, stand at your horse's left side, and mount. Ride out of the gate.

For Your Amusement:
In the treasury, type ham and jam and spam a lot. ( is a silly place.)
In the chapel, look at Christ or look at Mithras.

Glastonbury Tor (Gawaine)

Go to Glastonbury Tor (the top point of the diamond slightly to the left of the center of the screen). Ride up to the shrine. Give copper to the spirit, Widdershins. Ask Merlin about the shrine. Ask about Cernunnos. Go west.

Ask the man about the forest. Give him a copper coin. Ask him about Gawaine, the Black Knight, skins, boars, and the spear. Buy the spear with a gold coin. Buy the skins. (You have already given the hunter their price, but you gain soul points for explicitly buying them.)

Save the game and ride west. (Don't worry about your mule for now.) You will shortly be attacked by three wild boars, one at a time. Press the spacebar to thrust the spear. It takes you a second to make the move, so press the spacebar when the boar is about at the line of red speckles that runs diagonally from bottom right to the tree in the middle of the screen. (If you are having a lot of trouble, decrease the arcade difficulty. Try timing your thrust by the length of the animation of the boar pawing the earth: wait that long again.)

When you have killed the boars, go west again. Look at the large tree at right. Talk to it. Approach the skeleton. Answer yes to the crow's challenge. Ride up to the skeleton and examine it. Take the bit of silk (a sleeve). Ride east. After clicking through the Black Knight's dialogue, save the game.

Answer yes to the Black Knight and joust with him. Like the boars, this is pretty damn annoying even on Easy. To move your shield and lance, don't hold the keys down; just press them once to move in that direction. Keep your shield at the top right (E + F keys) to keep it in front of you. One technique that may get good results is to quickly move your lance from right to left or bottom-right to top-left at the last moment. Try to hit the Black Knight in his right shoulder or body. After you have won, continue east.

Dismount. Walk up to Gawaine and cut shackles to free him. Ask him about the Grail. Give your horse to Gawaine.

Go east. Walk into the circle of stones. Look at the large stones in the circle and the smaller ones around the pedestal the witch is standing on. Carefully approach the Forest Witch. Give the sleeve to her. Read the inscription left behind on the pedestal. The missing word is, of course, "riddle."

Walk through the trilithon at northwest. Stop when you enter the next screen.Look at your mule. Approach the five stones one by one and talk to them. (Don't get too close or you'll get zapped.) Answer the riddles. When you have answered all five, walk between the stones.

All about, but cannot be seen... air, wind
At the sound of me... music, song
Bright as diamonds... waterfall
Each morning I appear... shadow
Glittering points... icicle
I am always hungry... fire
I am only useful when I am full...sieve
I am seen in the water... blue
I drive men mad ... gold
I go around in circles... wheel
I turn around once...key, lock
If a man carried my burden... snail
If you break me... heart
  Lighter than what I am made of... iceberg
Look you in the eye...mirror
Lovely and round... pearl
My life can be measured... torch, candle
Three lives have I... water
To unravel me... riddle
Until I am measured... time
Weight in my belly... ship
When I am filled... glove
When set loose... arrow
You can see nothing else... mirror
You heard me before... echo
Young, sweet in the sun... wine, grape

Go south from where you are teleported to. Look at the tree, the well, and the monk. Approach the well. Ask the monk about the well or the Grail to drive him off. Walk to the south side of the well and try to open it. Go south. Look at the altar. Ask Merlin about the altar.

Wander about on the Tor until you run into the three monks. Save the game and draw your sword (F8). Keep your back towards the edge of the screen, or failing that, try to get your back against a bit of the ruins. Swing your sword (spacebar) whenever one of the monks approaches you. He takes three hits to kill, and similarly will kill you in three hits. The other two will disappear, and you will meet the Old Ones.

Go back to the altar. Ask Merlin about the Old Ones. Call the Old Ones. Ask the Old Ones about Mother Moon. Give five silver coins. Take the key they leave behind. Go one screen north, unlock the well, and open it. Drink water. Search the water and you will get a crystal heart. Go south and you will be back at the riddle stones. Exit to the south (your mule will now follow you).

For Your Amusement:
On the screen with the dead knight, pick the red and white mushroom growing under the tree on the left side of the screen. (save first)

Ot Moor (Launcelot)

Go to Ot Moor (the northernmost green dot on the map). Go east, move to the center of the screen, then head north onto the frozen lake. While still on the white area at the bottom of the next screen, save the game. Recite the Message of the Rose from the game docs: love is my shield. Keep yourself within the cloud of rose petals (the mouse is very helpful here) and it will lead you safely across the ice. When it heads off the top of the screen, hold back a bit, beause the game detects you nearing a screen edge and will advance you faster than you want to go. (Alternate solution, for the same points, but less easy to follow: use heart, and carefully walk only when it is golden, retreating quickly if it turns purple.)

Enter the palace. Look at the Ice Maiden and Launcelot. Ask the Ice Maiden about Launcelot. Walk up to the Ice Maiden and give the crystal heart to her. Ask her to free Lancelot. When she leads you to the other room with the flowering bush, walk up to it and begin test. Save the game. Examine the bush.

For its sweet sake... forget-me-not (true love)
If a dream is abandoned... anemone (afterthought)
In time of grief, it gives relief... poppy (consolation)
It alleviates all pain and sorrows... daffodil (death)
It can be sweet on the tongue... yellow lily (falsehood)
Known to the priest and nun... cornflower (chastity)
Oh it is splendid... sunflower (haughtiness)
Surrounded by giants... buttercup (childhood memories)
When light is dim... almond blossom (hope)
Wise are those who seek it... chrysanthemum (truth)

After you are teleported back across the ice, go west two screens to leave the moor.

For Your Amusement:
Kiss the Ice Maiden.
Fail the flower test. (save first)

Southampton and Gaza

Go to Southampton. Look at the various things on screen. Ask the harbormaster about Galahad, destinations, and price/fare. Book passage to Gaza and pay three gold coins.

When you arrive in Gaza, ignore Jabir and go with Hazm. Look at the various things onscreen and at al-Sirat himself. Ask about figs and qahwah. Eat figs and drink qahwah. Ask the scholar about the Grail, the Goddesses, Galahad, guardians, and Jerusalem. Thank the scholar. Stand and leave.

Ignore Jabir a second time and proceed south. Go east, south, and east again. At the wadi, notice that your mule refuses to drink the water. Ask Merlin about the skeleton. If Jabir is here, ask him about the skeleton, then draw your sword to scare him off. Go behind the rocks and proceed east, then north.

Climb up the steps, then carefully down to the Pool of Siloam. Drink water. Ask Merlin about the Pool and about Hezekiah. Leave the Pool and go north. Look at the Dome of the Rock. Go north one more screen. Approach the gate. Give the man four copper coins, that is, one for each of the thugs. Go west, north, and west. At this gate, simply draw your sword to scare off Yasser. Enter the city.

For Your Amusement:
At Southampton, walk off the dock into the ocean. (save first)
Book passage to each of the wrong cities: Dublin (1 silver), Rennes (2 silver), Rome (1 gold), Thessalonica (2 gold). (save first)
Drink the water at the wadi. (save first)
Walk into the desert (such as north from the wadi) and look at a lizard.
In the screen with the wadi cliffs, fall off the cliff.
Wander around in the desert until you see the two different mirages (this will take a fair amount of real time) and eventually die. (save first)
Eat your mule.
Fall off the steps leading down into the Pool of Siloam. (save first)
Walk west into the aqueduct at the pool until you reach a "pitch black" screen, then continue west. (save first)
Fall off the ledge surrounding the Pool into the sand.
Fall off the escarpment near Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Bazaar

There's no way to prevent the theft of your purse here. Walk up to the man, Mohammed, and talk to him. Sell him your mule. Go east, then south. Talk to the apple seller, Tamra. Ask her about Galahad, the Grail, and apples. Give her one dinar to buy the Apple of Truth.

Go east. Look at the urchin. Go up to the woman on the right. Talk to her. Give her one fals to buy a felafel and give it to the urchin. (Buy another and eat it yourself, if you like.) Talk to the man at the textile shop, Ibrahim. Go west. Talk to the man at the lamp shop, Tariq. Ask him about the oath and the broom. Buy herbs for 1 dirham and charcoal for 2 fals. Go west. Talk to the butcher, Fawaz, then to the man in the relic shop, Ismail. Buy a relic (enter any name you like) and pay 1 dinar. Ask him about the Grail. Buy Grail and offer 1 dinar in smaller coins, but don't actually give him money.

Go west. Look at the door and the symbols. Go south. Talk to the beggar. Give him the charcoal. Also give him a fals. Go west. Knock on the inn door and take note of what the innkeeper, Achmed, tells you about needing a broom. Go west again. Talk to the fishmonger, Hayyam. Give him the herbs. Talk to the man in the pottery shop, Farabi. Ask him about mirrors. Buy a mirror for 2 dirhams. Go west. Call Mari. Talk to her. Throw her the mirror. Call her again. Ask her about the veil. Go south and give the veil to Ibrahim.

Go west and give the relic to Tariq. Go south. Talk to the man at the grain shop. Buy grain for three fals. Go east. Knock on the inn door. Give the broom to Achmed. Enter the inn. In the morning, go south. Buy a cut of lamb for 6 fals. Go east two screens and give the lamb to Sara. Go south. Talk to the woman, Ione. Scatter grain to capture the doves. Go south and west and talk to the Seeress.

Go west two screens and knock on the door. Look at Fatima. Talk to Fatima. Answer no to both her questions. Ask about the Goddess and the test. Walk close to Fatima and give her your purse. Save the game. Enter the inner room. Click on each empty niche, then select the correct symbol and click there again. (Yes, they seem to have gotten the Greeks and the Romans mixed up in several cases.)

According to Greek legends, she was born from the forehead of Zeus.... Athene
Among her other names were Astroarche, Attar-Samayin and Ishtar... Astarte
Another title for her is Giver of Life.... Isis
Another title for her is The One Who Is All.... Isis
Her hearth fire is thought to be the center of the earth. ... Vesta
Her major festival was celebrated on April 19th. ... Ceres
Her priestesses were famous for their skill in astrology.... Astarte
Her priests and servants were known as Pastophori.... Isis
Her sacred day is Friday on which day her followers would eat fish.... Venus
Her sacred element is copper.... Venus
Her sacred fire was tended by six women who took vows of chastity for thirty years. ... Vesta
Her sacred women were titled Matronae and ruled Rome for hundreds of years. ... Ceres
In Greek, her name was Kore or Demeter. ... Ceres
In the ancient language of Sanscrit, her name means "shining."... Vesta
King Solomon built a sanctuary in her honor in Jerusalem.... Astarte
Mirrors are considered her sacred objects.... Venus
One of her most important shrines was on the island of Cyprus.... Venus
She gave birth to the sun and granted immortality to rulers.... Isis
She had a great shrine at Aphaca.... Astarte
She is the guardian of home and hearth. ... Vesta
She is the Guardian of Innermost Things. ... Vesta
She was a guardian of grains and the field. ... Ceres
She was earlier known as a Goddess in the country of Libya.... Athene
She was known to the Romans as Hestia. ...Vesta
She was renowned as The Lawgiver and her priestesses helped to found the legal system of Rome. ... Ceres
She was renowned for her wisdom, which was often represented in the form of an owl sitting upon her shoulder.... Athene
She was the Goddess of Byblos.... Astarte
She was the patron of architects, sculptors, spinners and weavers.... Athene
The element of brimstone was associated with her.... Athene
The Israelites burned incense, offered wine and baked cakes in her honor.... Astarte
The Morning Star and Evening Star are named for her.... Venus
The name of her major temple means "virgin-house."... Athene
The Romans knew her by the name Aphrodite.... Venus
The yearly flood of the Nile was caused by the tears she cried.... Isis
To the Egyptians, she was known as Hathor.... Isis
To the Romans she was known as Mother of the Harvest.... Ceres

When you have passed the Test of Symbols, leave and go south. Walk up to the beggar. Ask him about Galahad and the Grail, then  ask him to open the catacombs.

For Your Amusement:
Read the various shop signs.
Pet the fishmonger's cat.
Eat the raw lamb.
Draw your sword in front of Fawaz (the butcher) and Ismail (the relic shop owner).
Draw your sword twice. (save first)
Answer yes to Fatima. (save first)

The Catacombs

Be careful to stay away from the mummies or you will get (prematurely) bitten by a rat. Ask about the mural. Go north. Look at the symbols over the doors. Ask Merlin about the Gnostics and Sophia.

Use the lodestone. Go east. Again look at the symbols. Ask about the pentacle and the labarum. Look at the small mummy on the left. Get medallion with sword. Return north, then go north again. Look at the pentacle. Approach the sarcophagus. After the thing inside is scared away, look in the sarcophagus. Take the apple. Walk to the center of the side of the sarcophagus and read the lid.

Go west, east, east. There's nothing you can do to prevent being bitten here. Walk up to Galahad and give him the elixir. Return west, then go north, north, east. Ask about the mural. Go south. Save the game and put the golden apple in the statue's hand.

In the kingdom of flora... apple
In the kingdomof fauna... dove
Of what was the statue made...ivory
To what people... Greek
Upon what did Hippolytus ride...chariot
Upon whom did Theseus call...Poseidon
What did Aphrodite give to the statue... life
What is Aphrodite's sacred number... six
What is the name of the king... Theseus
Where did Pygmalion live... Cyprus

  Who did Aphrodite make to fall in love with Hippolytus... stepmother
Who ended the dispute...Zeus
Who fell in love with Adonis... Persephone
Who transformed into a boar...Ares
Who was dragged to death...Hippolytus
Whom did Aphrodite love that was killed by a boar...Adonis
Whom did Pygmalion worship... Aphrodite
Whose company... women

Take careful note of the directions the statue gives you, because she will not repeat them. To follow the directions the statue gave, use the lodestone in each room so that you are sure to go in the real direction, not the apparent screen directions (which until this point were sufficient).

Go west (as indicated by the lodestone). Look at the mural and the spirals. Go east, south, east, south, and north. At the end you will reach a staircase. Look at the skeleton, then go up the stairs.

For Your Amusement:
Walk close to one of the mummies.

The Temple of Aphrodite

Walk through each of the temple screens. In the fourth you walk into, you will encounter the Saracen. Eat the apple of strength. Save the game. Wear the helmet. Of course, you must defeat the Saracen.

When you have won, use the dove. Follow it. When Aphrodite is finished speaking, ask about the spiral. Count pillars from left to right across the south side of the screen until you reach the sixth. (It's at the right of the next screen, between two broken ones.) Push that pillar. Holy Grail, Batman! And holy thief! Chase the Thief. When you reach the dead end, show the Thief mercy by simply taking the Grail, and watch the ending.



Action Skill (easy/med/hard) Wisdom Soul   Action Skill (easy/med/hard) Wisdom Soul
Castle Camelot         Gaza      
Get purse 3       Go with Hazm   1  
Change clothes 3 1     Ask scholar about Grail, Galahad, and guardians   3 (total)  
Get lodestone 3       Ask scholar about Goddesses   6  
Look at scroll   1     At wadi, ask Merlin about skeleton   1  
Read scroll   1     Drink from Pool of Siloam   1  
Look at map   1     Ask Merlin about Hezekiah   1  
Ask Merlin about Grail, Galahad, Gawaine, Launcelot, symbol (or pentacle), Christ, Southampton, Glastonbury, and Ot Moor   9 (total)     Bribe guard with 4 copper   1  
Ask Treasurer about Gawaine   2     Scare Yasser with sword   1  
Get copper, silver, and gold 3              
Ask Gwenhyver about Launcelot   2     Jerusalem Bazaar      
Get rose 1       Sell mule to Mohammed   10  
In Chapel, ask about symbolsl   1     Ask apple seller about Galahad and Grail   2 (total)  
Give silver to Mithras 1       Buy Apple of Truth 5 5 5
Give gold to Mithras 1 3     Give felafel to urchin     20
Give silver to Christ 1       Buy herbs 5    
Give gold to Christ 1 3     Buy charcoal 5    
Ask gate guard about Galahad         Buy relic 5    
Give gold to guard     1   "Buy" Grail 5    
          Give charcoal to beggar 5   5
Glastonbury Tor         Give 1 copper to beggar     5
Give 1 copper to Widdershins 1       Give herbs to Hayyam 5   5
Ask Merlin about Cernunnos   1     Buy mirror 5    
Give 1 copper to hunter     3   Give mirror to Mari 5    
Ask hunter about Black Knight   1     Ask Mari about veil 5    
Buy spear for 1 gold 3       Give veil to Ibrahim 5   5
Buy skins     2   Give relic to Tariq (get broom) 10   5
Kill boars 3/6/9       Buy grain 5    
Talk to Father Tree   1     Give broom to Achmed 5   5
Answer yes to crow's challenve     1   Buy lamb 5    
Get sleeve 1       Give lamb to Sara 5   5
Agree to joust     5   Capture doves 5 5 5
Win joust without falling 8/16/24       Deny Fatima (first time)   10 10
Win joust, falling once 6/12/18       Deny Fatima (second time)   10 10
Win joust, falling twice 4/8/12       Ask Fatima about Goddess   1  
Ask Gawaine about Grail   1     Pass Test of Symbols   30  
Give horse to Gawaine     50   Ask beggar (Hierophant) about Galahad   1  
Give sleeve to Forest Witch 5   1   Ask Hierophant about Grail   1  
Read inscription   1     Open catacombs 5    
Answer five riddles   15            
Ask Merlin about altar   1     Catacombs      
Kill Mad Monk without being hit 3/8/15       Ask about first mural   1  
Kill Mad Monk, hit once 2/6/12       Ask about Gnostics and Sophia   2 (total)  
Kill Mad Monk, hit twice 1/4/9       Get medallion with sword 5    
Ask Merlin about Old Ones   1     Get golden apple


Give 5 silver to Old ones 1 1     Read sarcophagus   1  
Get key 1       Give elixir to Galahad     50
Get crystal heart 5       Ask about second mural   1  
          Give golden apple to statue 5    
Ot Moor         Get dove   20  
Recite the Message of the Rose   2     Look at third mural   1  
Reach ice palace 10       Look at spirals   1  
Give crystal heart to Ice Maiden 10       Open secret door 5    
"Free Launcelot"/accept challenge     5          
Answer three flower questions   15     Temple of Aphrodite      
Save Launcelot     50   Defeat Saracen 20/30/40    
          Use dove 5    
Southampton         Ask about spiral   5  
Ask harbormaster about Galahad   1     Find Grail 100 100 100
Ask harbormaster about destinations   1     Take Grail from thief     5
Pay fare to Gaza 5              
          Total 313 / 339 / 367 294 358

Note on scoring: The game's stated total of 368 skill points is not correct, nor is the hint book's "correction" to 362. The maximum points available from arcade sequences is 34/60/88, giving the total above when added to the 279 skill points from puzzle actions. Additionally, there are actually 294 wisdom points available.


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