Loom Island

Touch the leaf. Walk down the hill and follow the path left a couple screens to the village. Walk into the large tent to the left of the path, with a fire in front of it. Go right, down the hallway. Look at the green, blue, and red tapestries as you pass them. When you get to the end, past the red tapestry, watch the cut scene. Afterwards, pick up the distaff. Click on the Loom to hear the draft that was spun on the Elders (Transcendence). Click the egg to hear the draft of Opening. Spin the Opening draft on the egg to talk to Hetchel and get a good deal of exposition. When the scene is over, go left and exit the tent.

Go up the path and left behind the rocks, into the trees. Continue west into the graveyard. Click on the thorns to scare out a rabbit, which will get caught by an owl. Read the gravestone the owl was sitting on. ("The day the sky is opened", eh?) Go back east one screen to the trees. Click on each hole in succession to learn the Night Vision draft.

Return east to the clifftop and spin Opening on the sky. Go back into the village. Go into the tent at the far right of the camp. Click on the book on the table. Click on the flask to knock it over and hear the Emptying draft. Click on the cauldron to learn the Dyeing draft. Spin it on either or both of the piles of white fabric ("heap"). Exit the tent and go into the one on the left of the screen with the triangular opening. Click on the darkness and spin Night Vision. Click on the spinning wheel to learn Straw Into Gold. Try it out on the pile of straw. Exit the tent and go west to the pier. Spin Opening on the clam that's on the rocks to the left of the pier. Walk up to the end of the pier to jump off it. Get on the log and go out to sea.

The Guilds of Glassblowers and Shepherds

Click on the waterspout to learn the Twisting draft. Spin it in reverse on the waterspout: this is "Untwisting". (In the rest of this walkthrough, draft names in quotes are reverses of other drafts.) Proceed to the beach in the distance. Go to the green village you see in the distance to the right. Look at the men at the top of the tower. Enter the dome at the bottom center. Click on one of the grave markers, and Goodmold will enter and talk to you. After he leaves, read the two gravestones, the obelisk and the sphere. Exit towards the bottom right of the screen. Look at the chalice. Walk into the booth at the left and click on the bell. Go around in a 180, down the stairs, and exit the screen left through the arch at the bottom left center of the screen. Go up the mountain path.

Continue west into the woods. The draft you hear when the Shepherds appear is "Visibility" - the reverse of Invisibility. After talking to them, leave and return to the Glassmakers' village. (You will hear the Invisibility draft forwards as they disappear again.) Enter the first building, pass through it and exit to the east. Listen to the Bishop and Goodmold talking. Go out the doorway at the top of the screen.

Click on the men in the tower and spin Invisibility on them. Go back into the tower, enter the crystal booth, and use the bell. You will be teleported to the top of the tower. After overhearing their conversation, click on the scythe to learn the draft of Sharpening. Cross the room and use the other bell. You'll be teleported to the Scrying Sphere. Look into it for a glimpse of the future, and note the Fear draft you hear. Look twice more. Go back into the crystal booth, past the scythe sharpeners, and all the way out of the city towards the mountain.

Go back up the mountain path and meet the Shepherds again. Spin Fear on them. Exit the screen to the west. Disturb the sheep by clicking on them. As they jump the fence, you'll hear "Awakening", then Sleep forwards as the Shepherd rounds them up again. Go west as far as you can and enter the hut. Click on the lamb to be discovered by a Shepherd. After Fleece Firmflanks is finished talking, click on the lamb again to learn the Healing draft. Leave the hut. Spin the Dyeing draft on the sheep in the field. As the only easily visible thing in the field, you'll now be picked up by the dragon.

The Dragon's Lair

Click on the dragon to talk to her. So she's afraid of fire, eh? Well how about a little fire! Click on her gold and spin "Gold into Straw". Spin Fear on the dragon. She escapes with a singed tail.

Go down (north) into the cave. Walk into the darkness and spin Night Vision. Go down the stairs and into the first cave. Go as far east as possible and go down the stairs in the floor. Go north across the bridge and enter the second cave. Go west until you fall. Click on the pool to hear the draft of Reflection. Spin Emptying on the lake. Look into the Sphere three times. Go around the rock formation towards the top side and enter the cavelet. Exit at the blue light. Spin "Untwisting" on the staircase and exit the screen.

The Guild of Blacksmiths

Spin "Awaken" on the boy to wake him up and talk to him. After Rusty goes back to sleep, spin Reflection on him. Enter the Blacksmiths' city, Forge. Follow the path around to Stoke. Approach and talk to him, and get thrown in the locked room. Click on the straw to sleep on it. Watch the cut scene. Pick up the distaff when you wake up. Spin Opening on the door. Leave and go downstairs. Eavesdrop on the men. Spin either "Un-Sharpening" or Twisting on the sword while the smith is holding it upright. You will be caught by the Bishop. Wait though the cut scene.

After Mandible is done flapping his clerical lips, spin Opening on the cage. After more exposition, click on the Sphere. Guess the legend's true. (This is where the small extra bit of scene is in the floppy disk version played on Expert: you see a fuller version of Cobb's death. In the CD-ROM version, there's apparently no difference between skill levels.) Look into the Sphere three times. Go through the doorway and talk to Mandible. Watch him get his. The draft Chaos spins is Unmaking, but don't worry if you miss it now. Pick up the distaff, go inside, then back out. You will be chased into the Outside.

Outside the Pattern

Spin "Closing" on the large tear in the Pattern you just came from. Enter the next tear. Click on Rusty and his ghost will appear. Spin the Healing draft on Rusty's body. Go back Outside and close the tear. Enter the next tear. Spin Healing on the dead Shepherds. Leave and repair the rip. In the next one, spin Healing on Goodmold. After he dies, leave and repair the rip. Continue west until you see the Shore of Wonder. Go up to it and talk to the swan. Exit west and enter the last tear.

Unmaking the Loom

Go offscreen to the east, to the village, and enter the Elders' tent. Go to the Loom and click on it. Listen carefully as Chaos spins Silence. If you missed it, click on the Loom to hear it again. Reverse the draft on Hetchel. Again listen carefully as Chaos spins Transfiguration; click the Loom if you missed it. Reverse this one as well. Click the Loom one more time to hear Unmaking, then spin Unmaking on the Loom. Exit to the Outside again and spin Transcendence on yourself. Watch the ending movie.


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