Sherlock: the Riddle of the Crown Jewels


Knock on the door. Go up to the Vestibule and north to Holmes' study. Get the newspaper and show it to Holmes. Get the pipe and slipper. The visitor will come in and tell Holmes about the theft of the Crown Jewels and give him a paper, which he will give to you. Read the paper. The answers to the riddles are Westminster Abbey, Queen Elizabeth I, Sir Isaac Newton, and King Henry V. Take the knife and gun. Open your bag and put everything in it. Go west into the bedroom. Get the ampoule and read it. Take the lamp and glass and put the ampoule and glass in your bag. Go east, south, and down into the Entry Hall. Go north and get the matchbook. Return south, open the door, and go out.

Light the lamp. Go south three times, southeast twice, east twice. At Broad Sanctuary, wait until 7:00 am. Turn off the lamp, then go in. From the Nave, go south and southeast. Get the packet and crayon, and open the packet. Return northwest and north. Examine the tomb (Isaac Newton). Get the yellow paper and put it on the tomb. Rub the paper with the crayon. Get the paper again. Go ast, north, and east. Examine the tomb (Elizabeth I). Make a rubbing of this one using the brown paper. Go south and west. Make a rubbing of King Henry's with the blue paper (when prompted "Which tomb?" type Henry).

Go east, north, west, and north. Look, and notice the candles. Hold the blue paper over the flame, then turn the paper over. You'll discover another riddle; the "Son of Mars" is Admiral Lord Nelson. The second part refers to the Tower of London. Do the same with the brown paper and you'll find another clue, referring to Big Ben and the second part refers to King Charles I (who was beheaded). Lastly, do it with the yellow paper and you'll find a clue referring to Under London Bridge. The second part is about the hardest riddle. Translated, it says when you're "banking" on a number, subtract 1066 (the date of the Battle of Hastings) from 1666 (the date of the Great Fire). This will give you 600. Drop the packet, papers and crayon.

Go south twice and west twice. From the Broad Sanctuary go northeast, north, and east into Scotland Yard. Light the lamp and go down to the Black Museum. Take the oar and return up. Turn off the lamp and go west, north, northeast, east, and south to the Embankment. Put the oar in the empty oarlock. Get in the boat and raise the anchor. Launch the boat and row east until you are at Under London Bridge. Drop the anchor. Look at the bridge. Examine the moss and then get it. Raise the anchor and row west until you're back at the Embankment. Land, drop the anchor, and leave the boat. Get the glass from your bag and examine the opal with it. You'll discover the words "Password: Swordfish" inscribed on it. (Groan...) Go north, west, and southwest. Examine the statue - it's Admiral Lord Nelson. Go south twice, southeast, and up. Get the blue bottle from your bag and open it. Get the cotton balls and put them in your ear. Wait until the next hour. When the bell strikes, get the sapphire. (Repeat until you are successful.) Examine the sapphire with the glass and you'll find "2:00 AM" inscribed on it. Go down and remove the cotton from your ears. Go out.

From Parliament Square go north three times, east, then south. Suddenly you'll see that a girl has collapsed and needs medical attention. Remove your hat, get your stethoscope, and wear it. Listen to the girl. Either the girl's heart will be beating very fast or very slow. Read the blue and brown bottles. If the heartbeat is slow she needs the belladonna; if it's fast she needs the digitalis. Get the appropriate drug and give it to the girl. Remove your stethoscope and put it in your bag. Go north, west, north, and west. Get the tobacco from the slipper and the pipe. Put the tobacco in the pipe. Open the matchbook, get a match and light it. Light the pipe with the match. Drop the match, matchbook, and lamp. Go north into the Wax Museum. Go west into the Chamber of Horrors. Examine the statues. Examine Guy Fawkes. Get the torch and newspaper. Light the newspaper with your pipe, and then light the torch with the newspaper. Drop the newspaper. Examine King Charles and get his head. Melt the head with the torch and you'll find an emerald. Examine it with the glass and you'll find the date "20/6/87" (June 20th, 1887). Put everything but the torch and glass in your bag. Return east to the main museum. Examine William the Conqueror. Exit the museum (south), pick up your lamp, and go east, south, east, east, south, and west. Ask the pet store owner about the pigeon. Ask for the pigeon.

Go east, north, west, west, south thrice, west. Ask the man about the telescope. Haggle with vendor twice, then buy the telescope for nineteen shillings. Go back east and north twice to Trafalgar Square. Look at the eye of the statue through the telescope. Show the ruby to the pigeon. Pigeon, get ruby and then release pigeon. Return to the Pet Shop by going north, east, east, south, and west. Ask about the pigeon again and Sherman will give you the ruby. Examine it with the glass, and you'll see "wear a carnation". Go east, north, and east again. Examine the street urchin. Examine the bank guard. Tell Wiggins to steal the keys. Give him your remaining shilling and then repeat your request. Examine the key Wiggins brings you. Give the opal, sapphire, ruby, and emerald to the guard. Go north into the bank. Wear the stethoscope. Listen to the dial on the safe. Turn the dial to the right until you hear it click. Turn the dial left until you hear another. Then turn it right again for a third. The vault door will swing open. Remove the stethoscope and enter the vault. Unlock box 600 with the key (remember the riddle about "when you're banking on a number"?). Get the topaz and examine it with the glass; it has "Bar of Gold" inscribed on it. Go east and south out of the bank. As soon as you leave the bank you will be knocked out, and Holmes will be kidnapped. When you wake up, Wiggins will tell you that he'll help you, and he'll follow you for the rest of the game.

Go west twice, south twice, southwest, and west to the Diogenes Club. Ask the butler about Holmes. Give the ring to the butler. Mycroft will tell you the password to enter the Tower of London. Go east, northeast, east, south, and east five times. Give the password to the guard (guard, [password]). From the Outer Ward, go north twice, southeast, and up. Examine the weapon that was used to break the case. Get the mace and go down, northwest, and northeast. Examine the keg. Hit the bung with the mace. Examine the keg again. Ask Wiggins to get the garnet. Examine the garnet with the glass and you'll see "Give me to Akbar". Go southwest, east, and down. Wear the armour. Go up, out, and south three times. Pull the chain, then remove the armour. Take the paddle and go south. Get in the boat, raise the anchor, and launch the boat. Paddle west three times, until you are south of the Embankment, then land, drop anchor and get out of the boat.

Go east twice and down. You are now outside the Bar of Gold. The meeting will take place early on Monday the 6th of June; it should be Saturday afternoon right now. Remove your hat, put the ampoule in it and then wear your hat again. Pass the time by waiting 24 hours, and then wait until 1:59. Go in. Type proprietor, swordfish (the password) and he will fetch Akbar. Give the garnet to Akbar. You will be blindfolded and taken to the Lair, where Professor Moriarty will display his acute case of villain disease and start gloating. Remove your hat and get the ampoule. Hold your breath and break the ampoule. Untie Holmes, tie Akbar to Moriarty, and take the key. At this point you will pass out from the ether. When you wake up, get the whistle and jewels. Unlock the door with the key, open the door, and go out. Blow the whistle twice. Get in the cab, and say palace when prompted. When you arrive, leave the cab and give the jewels to the guard. Now sit back and wait for your audience with the Queen. Elementary, dear Watson!



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