Plundered Hearts


At Sea

Stand up. Wait twice. Get the coffer that slid from under the bed and wait again. Hit Crulley with the coffer twice. Wait. Read the missive. When the pirate offers his protection, answer yes. On deck, wait (or scream if you like).

When you awake in the Captain's Quarters, stand up. Examine Jamison's ring. (Sal sapit omnia means Salt savors all .) Try to take the ring. Wait. Go north to the Landing. Open the cupboard and go in. Get the clothes. Remove your frock and tear it. Wear the breeches and the shirt. Go out to the Landing. Wait one turn and Jamison will give you a jewelled brooch.

Go down and north twice to the Crew's Quarters. Get the bottle. Go south twice to the Aft Hold. Open the coffer and get the invitation. Go up and south to the Captain's Quarters. Break the window with the coffer. Go south onto the ledge. Get the ladder. Go up four times to the Poop deck, then north twice to the Main Deck.

Examine the barrels. Dip the rag (that you tore from your frock) in the water. Open the hatch. Go down to the Hold. Throw the rag at the fire. Go up and north to the Forecastle. Examine the winch. Raise the lever to lower the anchor. Go in to the Galley.

Get the dagger. Go out and south twice to the Quarterdeck. Examine the casks. Sit in the cask (i.e., the one that has lost its lid). Cut the line with the dagger. Get the pork. Wait a couple of turns until you are in the Shallows.

For Your Amusement:
Ask Crulley about his hook. Kiss him.
After knocking Crulley out, put him under the bed.
Try to kiss Jamison when you meet him. Try again after being taken aboard the Helena Louise.
Don't put on the boy's clothes before Jamison comes back into the cabin.
Smell in the Crew's Quarters.
Roll the bottle.
Drink the rum.
Tip the water barrel.
Ask Cookie about himself. Kiss him.
Tell Cookie about the fuse, the reefs, and the fire.
Escape the ship in the cask before the tide turns.
Wait on the ship until it smashes into the reef.
Wait on the ship until it blows up.

La Maison

Get out of the cask. Go west, up, and east to the Folly. Sit on the bench. Wait two turns. When Jamison asks if he may kiss you, answer yes. Wait one more turn. Stand up. Go west twice, north, and east to the Kitchen. Wait. Get the garter. Go west, south, northeast, and up to the Bedroom. Remove your clothes, get the gown, and wear it.

Go north, east, and down to the Foyer. Show the invitation to the butler. (You can also bribe him with a banknote.) Go south to the Ballroom. Wait four times while you dance with Nicholas Jamison. After the music ends, go east and north twice to the Library. Examine the bookcase. Get the Treatise of Power. Get the hat from the knob. Press the island on the globe to open the portrait.

Go north, down, and east twice to the Guard's Bunkroom. Get the key and horn. Go west twice and south to the Anteroom. Examine the bottle. Read the label. Put the laudanum on the pork. Give the pork to the crocodile. (You can also muzzle it by throwing something at it to get it to close its jaws, then putting the garter on it.) Wait twice. Go south and west to the Corner. Unlock the door with the key and open it. Go north into the Cell. Give the garter to your father. Go south, east, north twice, up, south twice, west, and south to the Ballroom.

When Lafond asks you to dance, say yes. Examine the gold ring (Lafond's ring). Wait one more turn. Go north to the Foyer, and wait twice more. When the butler addresses you, go up and east to the Upstairs Hall.

For Your Amusement:
Return to the ship in the skiff. Go near what remains of the pyramid of casks.
In the Folly, kiss Jamison. Tell him that you love him. Try telling him that you love Lafond.
Kiss Jamison while you dance.
Listen to the musicians in the Orchestra (west of Ballroom).
Rescue your father from the Cell while wearing the boy's clothes or your chemise.
Go to the Forest right after your father runs to save Lucy.
Kick Lafond while dancing with him.

Sweet Revenge

Open the door. Go north into Lafond's Bedroom and drink the wine. Pour the wine in the green goblet and blue goblet. Put the laudanum in the blue goblet. Get the spices. Blow them at Lafond. Go south. Give the blue goblet to the butler. Wait for him to fall asleep. Get the tray and wave it in the moonlight to signal the Helena Louise.

Go south, west, and down to the Foyer. Wait one turn for Cookie to arrive. Go east and north to the Library. Open the portrait. Go north, down, and south twice to the Dungeon. Get the rapier. Attack Crulley twice.

Get the smelling salts from your reticule and use them on Jamison. Unlock the chain with the brooch. Go north twice, up, south twice, west, up, east, and south to the Gallery. Untie the rope and swing on it.

Get everything. Go south twice to the Lawn, then once to the Beach, and wait twice. When Jamison asks "yes or no", answer yes. Save a game here if you would like to experience the various endings:

1. Get the pistol and load it. Shoot Crulley. (Happily Ever After)
2. Get the stone you stepped on, put it in the garter and sling it at Crulley (Orphan)
3. Go east, get in the skiff and row to the ship. (Pirate Queen)
4. Get the pistol and load it. Fire the pistol into the air. (Love Transcending Death)

For Your Amusement:
Enter Lafond's room in the boy's clothes or your chemise.
Spill the wine on Lafond.
Allow Lafond to seduce you.
Swing on the rope from the Gallery: before you hear the crew come to your rescue; when Cookie is following you; before the duel in the Ballroom; and after Lafond has killed Jamison.
Lead Cookie to the Beach when you are searching for Jamison.
Allow Lafond to kill Jamison, then wait around afterwards. Examine Jamison when he's dead.

For Your Amusement at various times:
Look under your chemise. Examine your unmentionables.
Roll your eyes.
Score every 5 points and look at your ranks.


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You score one point for each of the following actions:

At Sea
Get cabin boy's clothes
Get bottle
Break window
Enter the Poop Deck
Throw wet rag at fire
Lower anchor
Cut line with dagger

La Maison
Wear gown
Show invitaton to butler
Get Treatise of Power
Open portrait
Get key
Give pork to crocodile
Enter the Cell
Dance with Lafond

Sweet Revenge
Enter Lafond's Bedroom
Blow spices at Lafond
Give blue goblet to butler
Signal ship with tray
Attack Crulley
Use smelling salts on Jamison
Unlock Jamison's chain
Swing on rope

Endings, 2 points each:
Load pistol; shoot Crulley
Put stone in garter; sling stone at Crulley
Get in skiff; row to ship
Load pistol; fire pistol

Total: 25


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