Leather Goddesses of Phobos


Joe's Bar, Upper Sandusky, Ohio, Earth

You begin the game in this, er, fine establishment. The urge you feel is the urge to urinate. Pick one of the bathrooms (ladies' northeast, gents' northwest); this will determine your character's gender for the game. (Sorry, enbys; this game is from 1986 and based on the pulp science fiction of 50 years prior.) Relieve yourself. Smell. You don't need to take the stool. In a move or two, you'll be whisked away to...

For Your Amusement:
Don't go to the bathroom. (save first - not that it really matters this close to the start of the game.)
Buy a beer.
Play as a man if you are a woman, or vice versa.
After selecting one bathroom, try entering the other.
Urinate somewhere other than in the toilet (e.g., the sink).
Flush the toilet.
Try to eat the pizza. Then vomit.

Phobos: the Prison Area

Smell the food. Take everything. (The tray is a container; it's currently holding only the chocolate, but it can hold more.) Open the door and go south to End of Hallway. Open the narrow cell door and go south again to Other Cell. The paper that's here provides a clue to a puzzle that this walkthrough simply tells you the answer to, so you can ignore it. Ask Trent/Tiffany (hereafter referred to as "T") to follow you.

At some point in the near future, T will give you a matchbook and tell you they have a plan to defeat the Leather Goddesses. When they do so, read the matchbook. The names of the items written on the matchbook in can be found in the "meaningless matrix of letters" on the paper from T's cell, which is actually a word search. After finding all the words, reading the remaining uncircled letters backwards spells a message, "hissing frightens flytraps". That is the bit of knowledge you need to have, so whenever T gives you the matchbook, you can just drop it (unless you really like doing word searches).

Go north, then up, and north to the Closet. Smell. Turn on the flashlight. Climb on T and you will get the objects from the shelf. Put everything you're holding into the basket. (Always put whatever you can in the basket; it's a fairly large container.) Stand on the circle in the corner of the closet.

For Your Amusement:
Knock on the door of T's cell before opening it.
Lead T into your own cell. (Try in all three naughtiness levels.)
Refer to Trent/Tiffany by the opposite name.
Go west in the Observation Room.
Go up from the Observation Room and jump off the prison roof. (save first)


As hinted from the word search, hiss to do away with the flytrap. (The alternate solution is to go to Cleveland first, collect the sack of leaves from the lawn and the trellis from the garden, and build a trap over the pit at Fork, Of Sorts, one room east of Jungle.) Go west to the Spawning Ground and get the ointment. Go east three times to the Clearing and get the stain. Go northeast, then east to the Rocky Clifftop. Ignore the Vizicomm booth for now. Go north to the house's Back Door.

Offer your flashlight to the salesman. Get the odd machine. Open the machine, put the jar of ointment in it, then close it and turn it on. Open the machine again and voila, untangling cream has become "unangling" cream. Take the jar. Though the odd machine can be fun (see below under Mars: the Sultan(ess)'s Palace and Mars: the South Pole for a couple of suggestions), you don't need it for anything else, so drop it.

Knock on the door. Go downstairs to the Laboratory. Put the chocolate in the cage. Wait two turns while the mad scientist straps you and T down to slabs and throws the switch. Once you are a gorilla, show some sexual interest in the other gorilla (such as kiss gorilla), and the mad scientist will leave. Get the chocolate, eat it, and then bend the bars of the cage. Get the hose, then get out of the cage.

Drop the hose, untie yourself, and then flip the switch. Stand up and get the hose. Stand on the black circle. You appear in the Vizicomm Booth. Turn the knob, look in the coin return box, and get the coin. Leave the booth and stand on the black circle at Rocky Clifftop.

For Your Amusement:
Go west from Jungle without first disposing of the flytrap. (save first)
Get into the hole at Fork (of Sorts) while being chased by the flytrap. Try pushing T into the hole.
Get into the pit after trapping the flytrap there. (save first)
Ask T about the odd machine.
Use the tray in the odd machine, then examine it.
While a gorilla: examine yourself; diagnose; examine the bodies on the slab; leave the Laboratory by standing on the circle, then leave the Vizicomm booth (save first).
Whip someone with the rubber hose. (not in TAME mode)

Mars: King Mitre's Castle and the Canal

Go south into the Throne Room of the ruined castle. Put the unangling cream on the princess. Take the eighty-two-degree angle. Drop the jar of cream (it's actually empty now).

Go south, south, west, and northwest to Hickory & Dickory Dock. Show the painting to the mouse. Take the mouse and put it in the basket. Drop the painting.

Go south, east, and north three times to the Royal Docks. Enter the barge. Examine the controls. Read each of the buttons. Press the purple button to turn on the engines, then press the orange button to leave the dock. Press the orange button again so you will automatically dock at the next dock you pass.

Wait three turns until you arrive at Baby Dock. Leave the barge. Go north to Among the Dunes and get the lip balm and coded message from the dead alien. Read the coded message. It is not only displacement-encoded but also reversed, and translates to "Your mission is to contact wife [husband] number ### of the Sultan[ess] and get the secret map. Identify yourself to her [him] by asking her [him] to kiss your kneecaps." Make a note of the number (make sure you've got it the proper way around). Drop the message.

Return south to Baby Dock, re-enter the barge, and press the orange button. Wait a turn before you press it again (or you will immediately dock at Donald Dock). Continue to wait one turn, until you've gone around the bend (you're playing an Infocom game, so that shouldn't take too long!), and you will dock at Now THIS is My Kind of Dock.

For Your Amusement:
Give something to King Mitre. (save first - you need all the objects you're carrying)
Put the unangling cream on the pile of angles (save first), and on King Mitre (save first - it empties the jar).
Marry Princess Theta, both before and after unangling her.
Shake King Mitre's hand when he offers. (save first)
Examine Princess Theta after unangling her.
Click the mouse. (How contemporary!)
Smell the barge.
Sink barge.
Examine, wake, put the lip balm on, and kiss the dead alien messenger.

Mars: The Sultan(ess)'s Palace

Leave the barge. Go east twice, then north into the Audience Chamber. Tell the Sultan(ess) you are ready (yes will suffice), then answer the riddle with say "riddle". Try to go west into the harem. Ask for the husband/wife whose number you discovered in the message (you can just type the number, e.g. 153).

Continue west into the harem. Smell. Wait one turn for the husband/wife you chose to arrive. Identify yourself to them - ask [him/her] to kiss my kneecaps. If you like, kiss them or have sex. Then get the map and torch. Put everything into the wicker basket. Save the game and go down into the Catacombs.

For Your Amusement:
Save in the Audience Chamber before answering the riddle.
Wait three turns instead of answering "yes" when the Sultan/Sultaness asks if you're ready for the riddle. (save first)
Wait four turns instead of answering the riddle. (save first)
Show the dead alien's coded message to the Sultan/Sultaness. (save first)
Ask the harem guard for a different number than the correct number. Try several times.
Ask the harem guard for the same number twice in a row.
Address the wife/husband by a wrong number.
Thank the wife/husband after getting the torch and map.
Return from the Inner Harem to the Harem holding the map. (save first)
Measure the Sultan's wife, and the Sultaness' husband. (Try in all three naughtiness levels.)
Have sex with the wife/husband a second time. (not in TAME mode)

According to the comic book that came with the game, there are three actions you must take at certain intervals to scare off various undesirable critters in the catacombs. In the Solid Gold release of the game (which unfortunately is not the one in the Classic Text Adventure Masterpieces collection... *sigh*), you can type $CATACOMB to skip the maze and come out with the items that were in it. In other releases, the following is one possible sequence of moves to get what you need from the catacombs and get out alive: NW. N. NE. E. CLAP. NE. NE. SE. HOP. CLAP. KWEEPA. D. NW. NE. CLAP. N. S. HOP. NE. CLAP. U. KWEEPA. NW. GET BOOK (the Cleveland phone book). CLAP. NW. HOP. S. SE. CLAP. SE. D. KWEEPA. NE. CLAP. HOP. W. E. W. CLAP. SW. SW. KWEEPA. HOP. CLAP. GET RAFT. N. NE. E. CLAP. NW. N. UP.

For Your Amusement:
Try to move around in the Catacombs without a light. (save first)
Read the Cleveland phone book.

You emerge in the Laundry Room. Drop the torch and map and get the clothes pin. Go north and west to Now THIS Is My Kind of Dock. Do not enter the barge this time. Read the purple button to make sure the engines are on ("Full Speed Ahead"), then press the orange button, which you can reach from the dock. The barge will sail off on its own.

Meanwhile, go east twice to the Oriental Garden. Wait 8 more turns to give the barge time to reach the southern terminus of the canal, and then go down the well. (It's strange that it takes only that long, because there are 25 locations between My Kinda Dock and Icy Dock, and if you are on the barge or raft you have to pass through each one normally.) The circle at the bottom of the well transports you not to My Kinda Dock, but to the royal barge, wherever it is -- which is now Icy Dock. If you don't do it this way, you pass through an ion beam as you sail down the canal, and will soon sicken and die from the radiation.

For Your Amusement:
Use the odd machine on the raft and then put the raft in the canal.
Deflate the raft. Try while it's in the water. Try while it's in the water, and you're in it. (save first)

Mars: the South Pole

Exit the royal barge (well gee, isn't that event a surprise), go south, then southeast to Penguin Park. Read the sign the penguin is holding, then give the coin to the penguin. You will get one marsmid in return. Go southeast again to the Gypsy Camp. Enter the tent, get the orphaned baby, and wrap it in the blanket. You need to put the baby in the otherwise empty basket, which may require juggling items a bit. Don't empty basket or you will lose the mouse; you have to remove items by naming them and will need to drop some items on the ground (don't drop the mouse!) or use the tray as a container.

Leave the tent, then go south to the South Pole. Read the sign, put the baby on the doorstep, and wait two turns. After the matron takes the baby, open the door and enter the igloo. Get the cotton balls on the white circle. Drop the can of stain. Stand on the now-black circle. AAAUGH!! NO!! YOU'RE IN...

For Your Amusement:
Talk to the robot baby.
Kiss or rock the robot baby while it's crying.
Suckle the robot baby (try in both genders).
Throw the robot baby into the canal. (save first)
Run the cotton balls through the odd machine, then examine them.
Use the odd machine on the rabbit at the Oasis.
Try to put the raft in the Oasis.

Cleveland (and a quick stop on Phobos)

Go south to the Lawn. Get the sack, open it, and drop the leaves. Put all your belongings in the sack. (As with the basket, always put whatever you can in the sack.) Go back north, then northeast into the Teensy-Weensy House.

Go up to the Bedroom. Look out the window. A 1933 Ford with a loose headlight, eh? Get the sheet and rip it. Make rope with sheet. Tie the rope to the bed. Throw the rope out the window. Wait while T goes down to fetch the headlight. Wait one more turn while T miraculously survives death yet again. Get the headlight.

Go down stairs and east into the Garden. Roll up the sod to reveal a black circle, and stand on it. ("HELP!!! How can I get out of Cleveland?" "Millions ask this question daily.") We're back in the prison area, but we're only here shortly: we're headed back to Mars. Go up twice to the Roof and stand on the black circle there.

For Your Amusement:
Climb down the sheet rope. (save first)

Mars Again

Go east to Yet Another Ruin. My, what a cute frog! Wouldn't you like to kiss it? Go ahead, but first put the pin on your nose, cotton balls in your ears, lip balm on your lips, and close your eyes. Get the blender that's left behind, and remove the clothes pin, lip balm and cotton balls.

Go west, west, and northwest to Hickory & Dickory Dock. The raft is already inflated, so put it in the water and get in. Wait eight turns. Grab the dock (it's Donald Dock). You automatically take the raft out of the water, so you can leave it here for now.

Go south, east, and south to the Exit Shop. Give the coin to the proprietor. Search the dust. Open the tube. Get the circle. Drop the tube. (This circle is a portable exit, but as it leads to the end of the game, we're not going there just yet.) Go back north, west, and north to Donald Dock. Get the raft and put it in the water. Get in the raft and drift further downstream. Wait eight turns. In the canal location with the warning buoy, grab the dock - it's Wattz-Upp Dock.

For Your Amusement:
Touch the frog.
Ask T to kiss the frog.
Give the flexible black circle back to the proprietor.
Take or open the buoy. (Well excuuuse me for having played Zork I...)
Have sex with someone while irradiated from the ion beam. (Since you die in 14 moves after passing through the beam, the only way I have worked out to do this is to bypass the beam the first time by teleporting to the empty barge as described above, then continue through getting the portable exit. Instead of exiting the canal at Wattz-Upp Dock, keep drifting downstream through the ion beam, then drop the circle and stand on it. This teleports you to the Boudoir, where you can attempt to make love to the Leather Goddess sharing the divan with you.)

Annoying One-Way Circles

You can now leave the raft behind for good. Go west to the Oasis and stand on the circle. (Oh Lord, stuck in Cleveland again. Surely that's as bad as Lodi, right?) Go northeast and east to the circle in the Garden and stand on it. From End of Hallway, go up, then north into the closet and stand on its circle (you don't need to be able to see it to do this). On Venus again, go west to the Spawning Ground and stand on the circle there - it's almost the only one we haven't been through yet. (The others are the one in the deserts of Mars near King Mitre's castle that we never use, and one in the spaceship we're about to be on that obviously we haven't seen yet.)

Spaceship, Near Saturn

Oh dear, did T get killed again? How sad. Get the sword. Go south to the Stable. Mount the stallion. Go west. Dismount. Get the suit and wear it. Open the hatch and go out. Smell the foul odor. Attack Thorbast/Thorbala repeatedly. When you knock their sword out of their hands, grab it, and then give his/her sword back (you have to use the pronoun to distinguish it from your sword). Kill the monster, then untie the young man/woman.

Go north into the Space Yacht. After getting the photograph, open the door and go east into the private cabin, if you like. Afterwards, go south twice to return to At Main Hatch and meet up with T again. Get on the stallion and return east to the stable. Dismount, then go west three times. Stand on the circle and you will be taken to Yet Another Ruin on Mars. Now that you're somewhere with gravity again, you can use that flexible black circle! Drop it, then stand on it.

For Your Amusement:
Screw the stallion.
Go into space from the battleship without putting on the white suit. (save first)
Tell Elysium/Elysia to shut up while he/she is screaming.
Read the photo that Elysia/Elysium gives you.

Phobos: the Boudoir of the Leather Goddesses

Smell, and fool around if you like. But soon, it's over, and the endgame is on. Hand T the items they ask for, immediately as they ask for them. There's no time to look, do inventory, or anything else. On the very last turn there's one more smell to smell - and congratulations, you've defeated the vile (?) Leather Goddesses of Phobos!

For Your Amusement:
Kiss the Leather Goddess while T is also in the Boudoir (not in TAME mode).
Get fresh with the Leather Goddess in the Boudoir in TAME mode.
Get to the end of the Plaza scene without T present. (To accomplish this, get the stool in the bar, which you will need to stand on in a few places, and don't fetch T from their cell near the start of the game. Skip the spaceship scene, since without T you can't enter it without being killed.)
Get to the end of the Plaza scene without giving all of the eight parts to T.

For Your Amusement at various times:
Ask various characters about the Leather Goddesses, such as: Trent/Tiffany, the salesman, the mad scientist, Thorbast/Thorbala, Elysia/Elysium, King Mitre, Princess Theta, the Sultan/Sultaness, the wife/husband, the Exit Shop proprietor...
Put the blanket, sheet, or sack on your head.
Open your mouth.
Give an age less than 5 while trying to enter LEWD mode. Try an impossibly high age, like 200.
Use swear words in your inputs while in TAME mode.
Look with your eyes closed and with your hands over your eyes.
Look through something that isn't transparent.
Look inside your overalls, loincloth, or bikini. Measure yourself. (Try these in all three naughtiness modes.)
Touch, examine, or put something on one of the black circles.
Type CTRL-B and press Enter.

Try score around various characters, such as Joe (in the bar at the start of the game), Trent/Tiffany, the Leather Goddess at the end of the game...


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Actions that score points earn you a random number within a certain range. The maximum score is reported as 9309 before you have scored any points, but decreases randomly each time you earn points until it meets your actual point total on the final turn. Thus, the game's final point total varies.

Action   Points
Arrive on Phobos   1-8
Defeat the flytrap   2-17
Trade flashlight for odd machine   3-10
Get back into your own body   19-43
Get 82 degree angle   16-26
Get mouse   14-23
Correctly answer riddle   8-19
Get phone book   13-39
Get raft   8-11
Arrive at Icy Dock un-irradiated   4-19
Get cotton balls   16-45
Get headlight   14-47
Mars again    
Get blender   17-34
Get black circle   5-17
Spaceship Near Saturn    
Kill Thorbast/Thorbala   5-20
Get photograph   17-30
Phobos again    
Arrive at the Plaza   9-22
Total   171-429


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