Go north. Open the mailbox. Get the yellowed paper and the business card. Examine the card, then drop it. Go south, west, and east. Get the orange punch card. Go north and northwest. Get the shovel. Return to South Junction (southeast, south, east, south). Turn the statue west, east, and then north. Go north and open the door. Turn on the flashlight and go north. Open the closet door and go in. Get the skis and bucket. Leave the closet. Go east. Move the painting. Get the green card. Turn the dial right to 3, left to 7, and right to 5. Open the safe and get the cheese grater.

For Your Amusement:
Ring the doorbell several times.
Examine the cheese grater.

Go east again. Open the piano. Get the violet card. Go west three times and then north. Get the piece of thin paper. Examine it and the yellowed paper. If you lay one on top of the other, you will have a map to the hedge maze that you can print out.

Go west. Get the matchbox. Go down into the Cellar. Drop the punch cards here. Open the closet door and go south. Get the blue card and drop it next to the computer. Go up out of the cellar and east four times. Get the yellow card. Go south into the projection booth. Get the strip and slide. Put the filmstrip in the film projector and the slide in the slide projector. Take the lens cap off the film projector and drop it. Turn on the slide projector and focus it. Turn on the film projector. Look at the screen. Remember what is said there ("Play '[song]'."). (people, feelings)

Go north and west twice. Examine the model of Tokyo. Press the green button three times. Press the black button twice to stomp on the tanks. Press the white button twice to swipe at the planes. Press the green button three more times. Press the black button to stomp on the truck and stop the missile. Press the blue button to take the ring. Press the green button four more times. Press the red button three times. Get the ring.

For Your Amusement:
Examine the ring.

Go south and east twice. Play the piano. Push it north. Go down through the trapdoor and go south. Get the pillar. Go north, drop the pillar, and go up. Push the piano south twice. Go down, north, and get the parking meter. Go south and up. Go west three times and drop everything except the flashlight. Go into the fireplace. Get the brick and drop it. Get the punch card. Climb up three times. Go east and climb down. Get the penguin. Return up, west, down three times, and out. Drop the penguin and get the punch card, shovel, skis and matchbox.

For Your Amusement:
Examine the parking meter.
Roll up the rug in the Living Room.
Dial the operator, Roy G. Biv (576-1851), and Infocom (492-6000) on the phone.
Examine the penguin.

Go east and north. Unlock the patio door and open it. Continue north twice, northwest, northeast, north, and east twice. Drop the skis here. Go west and north. Get a cannonball and put it in the cannon. Open the matchbox, get the match, and light it. Light the fuse. Open the compartment and get the mask. Go west and east. Save the game before going into the maze.

For Your Amusement:
Smell the rosebush in Garden, East.
Examine the catcher's mask. Wear it.

From Entrance to Hedge Maze, follow these directions: N. N. W. N. W. W. N. W. S. W. W. N. W. S. E. S. E. N. E. S. W. N. W. S. W. N. W. S. W. N. E. N. E. N. E. E. N. E. S. E. E. S. E. N. E. N. E. S. W. S. W. S. E. N. W. S. Dig in the ground with the shovel. Get the stamp and drop the shovel. Backtrack through the maze: N. E. S. W. N. E. N. E. N. W. S. W. S. W. N. W. W. N. W. S. W. W. S. W. S. W. S. E. N. E. S. E. N. E. S. E. N. W. S. W. N. W. N. E. S. E. E. N. E. S. E. E. S. E. S. S.

For Your Amusement: Examine the rubber stamp.

From the Entrance, go south, southwest, southeast, south three times, and west. Drop the stamp and mask and get the bucket. Go north, west, and down and drop the punch cards. Go up, east twice, and south. Enter the closet. Pull the third peg. Open the door and leave the closet. Turn the newel. Go west and south. Look under the mat and get the punch card. Go north and east twice. Get the sack, then open the window.

Return in the elevator to the 1st floor (second peg). Go north three times, northwest, and northeast. Fill the bucket. Quickly return southeast, southwest, south three times and into the closet. Hang the bucket on the 3rd peg. Leave the closet, go up, open the door, and go south. You are now standing on top of the elevator! Just wait two turns, and the elevator will rise, taking you to the attic. Open the door and go north. Open the panel. Open the trunk and get the fire hydrant. Go down twice and west. Drop the hydrant. Open the sack, get the finch, then drop both it and the sack.

For Your Amusement:
Hold the handles in the Guest Bedroom (south of Upstairs Hall, East).
Examine the fire hydrant.
Examine the Maltese Finch.

Go north, west and down. Collect all the punch cards (be sure you have all seven). Turn on the computer and insert the cards in rainbow order. Look at the lights and note the phone number (576-3190). Go up, east, and south. Call the number on the phone in the Living Room. Go back down to the computer and look in the hopper. Get the toupee and drop it in the Living Room. We now have 9 of the 10 treasures!

For Your Amusement:
Examine the toupee. Roll it up. Wear it.

Take all the wax statues (you can also refer to them as "candles"). Go north, east, north twice, northeast, northwest, north, and east twice. Wear the skis and ski down the stairs. Remove the skis and drop them. Light one of the statues with the fire. Get the match and drip wax on it from the statue. Go south and west into the Grotto. Enter the water. Swim down twice, west, up twice, and north. Light the match and use it to light one of the candles. Go north and up. Pull the chain. Pull down the right end of the plank. Burn the rope. Stand on the plank. Wait. Drop everything. Get the ladder and drop it in the hole. Get your belongings and go back down. Put the ladder on the hooks. Look at the plaque on the safe. The combination is right there: left 4, right 5, left 7 (first letter and number of letters in each name). Open the safe. Get the film. Get the note and peg. Read the note.

For Your Amusement:
Examine the reel of film. Take it to the Projection Booth and show it.

Go up twice, west, east, south, southeast, southwest, south three times, and up. Open the closet door and go in. Put the peg in the hole. Note the weapons: sword, club, mail bag, clippers, shears, mop, gun, and stick. Grab whatever weapon looks good to you and attack Herman with it. Repeat (take care not to try to take something Herman has!). On the third try you will succeed. Untie your Aunt Hildegard.

For Your Amusement:
Examine Cousin Herman.


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