Here is a Trizbort map for this game.

Indoors at Hildebud

Check your inventory. The photo and letter, also mentioned in the introduction, are feelies in the game package; you can drop them.

Examine the statue of Buck Palace. A poem on the back of Uncle Buddy's photo tells you how to turn the statue to unlock the house's front door: turn the statue west, east, and then north. When you hear a click, go north to Front Porch. Open the mailbox. Get the copy (i.e. the Status Line), yellowed paper, and business card. Read the Status Line and business card. ("Roy G. Biv" is a hint that something you must collect is rainbow-colored.) Drop the Status Line and card. Open the door, turn on the flashlight, and go north into the Foyer.

Try to go up the stairs. Hmph; Uncle Buddy's sense of humor, no doubt. Instead, we'll take the elevator. Open the closet and go in. Pay attention to the description of the coat pegs. Pull the third peg. (Note that the elevator doesn't actually begin to rise until you release the peg. This will be important later.) After the closet stops, open the door (..."whinnies"?) and go out to the Upstairs Hall, Middle. Turn the newel. Now the staircase from the Foyer won't turn into a slide. (Good ol' Roger Corman!)

Return south into the Closet elevator. Pull the second peg to make the elevator return to the ground floor. Get the bucket. Open the door. Go north two times to the Game Room. Unlock the patio door and open it. Go north to the Patio. Pick up the orange punch card. Continue north, northwest (ignore the shovel for now), and northeast to Garden, North. Fill the bucket from the pond. Return southeast, southwest, south three times to the Foyer and in to the Closet. Hang the bucket on the third peg. (This acts as a timer to hold the peg down, giving you time to take a few actions before it rises to the second floor.)

Leave the Closet. Go up the stairs to Upstairs Hall, Middle. Open the Closet door and go south to Top of Closet. You are now standing on top of the elevator! Just wait two turns, and the elevator will rise, taking you to the top floor. Open the door and go north to the Attic. Open the panel in the floor. Open the trunk. Get the fire hydrant, examine it, and drop it. (+10 = 10) (Unlike the Zork games, you don't need to collect the treasures anywhere; just find them and take them once.)

Go down, west, and south to the Upstairs Bathroom. Look under the mat and get the red punch card. Go north and east twice to Upstairs Hall, East. Hold the sack, then open the window. Open the sack. Get the finch, examine it, then drop both the sack and finch. (+10 = 20)

Go west and down to the Foyer, then west to the Living Room. Examine the red stautette, the white statuette, and the blue statuette (you can also refer to them as "statues" or "candles"). Notice the number of fingers each is holding up. Take one of the statues (it doesn't matter which color). Go in to the Fireplace. Get the brick and drop it. Get the indigo punch card. Climb up three times to West End of Roof. Go east and climb down to In the Chimney. Get the penguin, examine it, then drop it. (+10 = 30) Return up, west, down three times, and out to the Living Room.

Go north and east to the Game Room. Examine the model of Tokyo. Save the game just in case you make a mistake in the next sequence. Press the green button three times to move the Atomic Chihuahua east. Press the black button twice to stomp on the tanks. Press the white button twice to swipe at the planes. Press the green button three more times. Press the black button to stomp on the truck and stop the missile. Press the blue button to take the diamond ring. Press the green button four more times, until the Chihuahua "bumps its atomic snout into the plastic dome". Press the red button three times to melt a hole in the plastic. Get the ring. Examine it and drop it. (+10 = 40)

Continue east two times to the Screening Room. Get the yellow card. Go south into the Projection Booth. Get the strip and slide. Put the strip in the film projector and the slide in the slide projector. Take the lens cap off the film projector and drop it. Turn on the slide projector and focus it. Turn on the film projector. Look at the screen. Make a note of what song is mentioned. (Oklahoma, People, Feelings, Misty, Greensleeves...) (+10 = 50)

Go north, west twice, south, and east to the Hallway. Move the painting. Get the green card. Turn the dial right to 3, left to 7, and right to 5 (the fingers on the statuettes, red, white, and blue). Open the safe. Get the cheese grater, examine it, and drop it. (+10 = 60)

Go east to the Parlor. Open the piano and get the violet card. Play the song from the earlier clue on the piano. You will see a door in the floor open. Go down through the trapdoor into Crawl Space, North. Notice that the ceiling, which is the floor of the Parlor above, seems to be tilted north, blocking a passageway. Return up.

Push the piano north. Go back down and south to Crawl Space, South. (The piano being at the other end of the room means there is now less weight bearing down on this pillar supporting the south end of the ceiling.) Take the dirty pillar and drop it. (Now we can use the piano's weight to pivot the ceiling on the central pillar in Crawl Space, North.) Go north and up to the Parlor. Push the piano south twice. Go down and north to the Small Passage. Get the parking meter, examine it, then drop it. (+10 = 70)

Go south, up, west three times and north to the Dining Room. Get the thin piece of paper. Go west to the Kitchen. Get the matchbox. Go down to the Cellar. Open the closet door and go south to Shaft Bottom. Get the blue card and return north to the Cellar. Turn on the computer and insert the cards into it in rainbow order ("Roy G. Biv"). Look at the lights and note the phone number (576-3190).

Go up, east, and south to the Living Room. Call the number on the phone. Go north, west, and back down to the computer in the Cellar. Notice that the hopper now contains a toupeee. Get the toupee, examine it, and drop it. (+10 = 80)

For Your Amusement:
Ring the doorbell several times.
Hold the handles in the Guest Bedroom (south of Upstairs Hall, East).
Roll up the rug in the Living Room.
Examine the matchbox.
Dial the operator, Roy G. Biv (576-1851), and Infocom (492-6000) on the phone.
Roll up the toupee. Wear it.

On the Grounds

Go up, east, south, east, up, open the closet door, and south. Take the skis. Return north and down, north, north, north, and northwest to Garden, West. Get the shovel. Go northeast and north to the Entrance to Hedge Maze. Examine the thin piece of paper and the yellowed paper. Put the thin paper on the yellowed paper (or vice versa). This makes a map to the hedge maze (see image at left). You can drop the papers. Save the game before going into the maze.

From Entrance to Hedge Maze, follow these directions: N. N. W. N. W. W. N. W. S. W. W. N. W. S. E. S. E. N. E. S. W. N. W. S. W. N. W. S. W. N. E. N. E. N. E. E. N. E. S. E. E. S. E. N. E. N. E. S. W. S. W. S. E. N. W. S.

Dig in the ground with the shovel. Get the stamp (+10 = 90), examine it, then drop it and the shovel. Save the game again. Now backtrack through the maze: N. E. S. W. N. E. N. E. N. W. S. W. S. W. N. W. W. N. W. S. W. W. S. W. S. W. S. E. N. E. S. E. N. E. S. E. N. W. S. W. N. W. N. E. S. E. E. N. E. S. E. E. S. E. S. S. Once you are back at Entrance to Hedge Maze, save one more time.

Go west and north to the Cannon Emplacement. Examine the cannon. Notice one of the cannon wheels is on top of a compartment. Get a ball and put it in the cannon. Open the matchbox, get the red match, and light it. Light the fuse. Notice that the cannon is pushed backwards by the recoil. Drop the matchbox. Open the compartment. Get the mask, examine it, and drop it. (+10 = 100)

Go north to the Cliff. Turn off the flashlight and drop it. Return south, then go east twice to the Top Landing. Wear the skis and go down to the Beach. (+10 = 110)

For Your Amusement:
Smell the rosebush in Garden, East.
Wear the catcher's mask.

At the Ocean

Remove the skis and drop them. Get the match. Light the candle with the fire. Drip wax onto the match. Put out the candle.

Go south and west into the Grotto. Swim to enter Surface of Grotto Pool. Go down twice, west, up twice, and north onto a Ledge (you can do this even though you can't see). Light the match and use it to light the candle. Go north and up to the Bomb Shelter. Pull the chain that's hanging down from the hatch. Push down right end of plank. Burn the rope. Stand on the right end of the plank. Wait. Whee!

Back at the Cliff, put out the candle and drop it. Get the ladder and drop it in the hole. Get the flashlight, turn it on, and go back down to the Bomb Shelter. Get the ladder and put it on the hooks. Look at the plaque on the safe. The combination is right there in the first letter and number of letters in each name: turn the dial left to 4, right to 5, left to 7. Open the safe. Get the film reel (+10 = 120), examine it, and drop it. Read the note. Get the peg. (This is a spare peg for the missing one in the elevator!)

Go up twice to the Cannon Emplacement, west and east to Entrance to Hedge Maze, south, southeast, southwest, south three times to Foyer, and up to the Upstairs Hall, Middle. Open the closet door if it is not open and go in. Put the peg in the hole. (+10 = 130) Whee!

In the Prop Vault, notice the eight weapons: shears, nail clippers, mail bag, mop, gun, stick, club, and sword ("an elvish sword of great antiquity", LOL). Grab whichever one appeals to you and attack Cousin Herman with it. Repeat twice, making sure not to choose a weapon Herman is holding. On the third try you will succeed. When Herman "drops to the ground", turn off the saw to save Aunt Hildegard. (+20 = 150/150)

For Your Amusement:
Try to go north or east from the Beach.
Take the film reel to the Projection Booth and show it. (save first)
Examine Cousin Herman.
Wait in the Prop Vault and fail to save your aunt. (save first)


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