Regarding the Enchanter trilogy magic system

You must learn (memorize) a spell before you can cast it. In most cases, doing so immediately beforehand will suffice, so memorization will generally not be mentioned in this walkthrough. Most spells will work in either of two syntaxes: cast [spell name] on [object] or simply [spell name] [object].Type spells to find out what spells you currently have memorized. Read your spell book to find out what spells you know in general. Whenever you get a scroll, read it and then gnusto it, so that you commit the spell to your spell book. (You must be holding your spell book in your hands to do so.) Some spells cannot be gnustoed and this will be noted.

Regarding eating, drinking and sleeping

Sleeping is written into the steps of this walkthrough (there is only one safe location to sleep inside the castle). Eat the bread whenever the game says you are hungry, and drink the water whenever it tells you you're thirsty. The bread will last the game, while you'll have to refill the water jug once; this is included here.

Day One, outside the castle

Go northeast, then north to enter the shack. Get the jug. Ignore the lamp, as it doesn't work. You could frotz it to make it a source of light, but it's unneeded weight in your inventory; instead, frotz the jug, which you need to carry anyway. (Don't frotz yourself, as you might be tempted to do if you've played Spellbreaker. This will render the game unwinnable, since Enchanter does not understand extinguish me, and you will later need to be in the dark. You can extinguish other items in the normal way.)

Open the oven and get the loaf of bread. Leave the shack and go northeast, southeast, and northeast again. Drink water, then fill the jug with water from the brook. Go southwest, southeast, and southwest twice, then go south to enter the crone's hovel. She will give you the scribbled scroll (rezrov: open even locked or enchanted objects). Read it and then gnusto rezrov. Go northeast twice to Eastern Fork, then east twice to the castle gate. Rezrov the gate and go east to enter the castle.

For Your Amusement:
Go west from Fork and read all the signs on the Long Road. ("…Burma Shave.")

Day One, beyond the castle gate: Forest, Swamp, and Dungeon

Go north twice to a tower, then up once. Get the egg. Rezrov it and get the shredded scroll. You can't read this scroll at the moment, so just hang onto it for now. Drop the egg. Go back down. Continue east five times until you reach North Gate. (If you see the adventurer in the Hall of Mirrors, ignore him for now.) Rezrov the gate, and go north into the forest.

Get the crumpled scroll (krebf: repair willful damage). Read it and gnusto krebf. Krebf the shredded scroll and you will have the faded scroll (zifmia: magically summon a being). Read it and gnusto zifmia. Go east and nitfol the frogs. Look under the lily pad as they advise to find the damp scroll (cleesh: change a creature into a small amphibian). Read it and gnusto cleesh.

Go west, south, west five times back to the tower, south four times to another tower. Go east, and down unto the dungeon. Open the cell door and go north. Read the writing, move the block, and go east. Get the stained scroll and the spoon. Read the stained scroll (exex: make things move with greater speed) and gnusto exex. Go west, south, up, west, and up. The bed in the Bedroom is the only safe place to sleep in the castle. Blorb your spell book, then lie down on the bed.

For Your Amusement:
Hang around in the swamp and listen to the frogs for a while.

Day Two: Hall of Mirrors

Stand, open the strong box, and take your spell book. Examine the bedpost and press the button. Get the gold leaf scroll (vaxum: make a hostile creature your friend), read it, and gnusto vaxum. Memorize zifmia and vaxum. Go down, then north four times to the other tower, then east into the Hall of Mirrors.

Watch the room descriptions as you keep going east. When you see the adventurer ("From the other side of the 'mirror' a bedraggled adventurer comed into view..."), cast zifmia on him to summon him to this world, then cast vaxum on him to make him friendly. (If you get all the way east to North Gate and haven't seen the adventurer, return west and keep watching. It may take several laps.)

Regarding the adventurer

Somewhat like the Thief in Zork I, the adventurer will now wander around looking for treasure. He won't steal from you or attack you, but he'll pick up anything valuable he finds lying around, which can be frustrating. If you find that something you dropped has gone missing, the adventurer has it. You can track him down, vaxum him, and take it back from him, but due to the time restraints in the game, if you have a hard time finding the adventurer, you may want to restore a game and try again.

Day Two continued: Map Room and Engine Room

Go east until you see the very nasty-looking Guarded Door. The adventurer should follow you since you are carrying the silver spoon, which is valuable. Ask the adventurer to open the door. Go up to the Map Room. Get the map and pencil. Drop the spoon. Go down, west, and south into the Library. Examine the dusty book. Read the Legend of the Unseen Terror.

If you go south from here, you will be captured by the guards you can hear to the south, which you're not yet equipped to survive. So let's go the long way around to the other corner of the castle: north, west six times to Tower, south four times to the other Tower, then east three times to South Gate.

For Your Amusement:
In the Map Room, get the purple scroll and cast the filfre spell from it.
Read the Legend of the Implementers in the dusty book.

From the Gate, go south, then southeast to the Beach. Nitfol the turtle, say hello, then ask him to follow you. Go northwest, north, east, and up to the Engine Room. Cast exex on the turtle. Say turtle, go se then get the scroll then go nw. Now say turtle, thanks. Get the brittle scroll (kulcad: dispel a magic spell) and read it. You can't gnusto kulcad. Go back down, west four times, and up to the bedroom. Blorb your spell book again, and lie down.

For Your Amusement:
Try repeatedly to open the Guarded Door.
Cast blorb on the adventurer, then open the box.
Cast cleesh on the adventurer.
Follow the adventurer around until he says "hello, sailor?", then give him something.
Write on a spell scroll with the pencil.

Examine the globe in the Map Room.

Day Three: Gallery, Temple, and Library

When you wake, stand, open the strong box, and get your spell book. Blorb the brittle scroll. (If you carry it with you through the "sacrifice" sequence, it will be permanently taken from you and you will be unable to finish the game.) Go down, then east twice into the Gallery and extinguish jug. With the light off, you can now see one portrait is lighted. Move the lighted portrait to reveal a niche, and get the black scroll (ozmoo: survive unnatural death). Read it and gnusto ozmoo.

Frotz the jug again. Go west, west, north, north, west, west, west, northwest, and northeast. Drink from the brook and refill the jug. Head back into the castle by going southwest, southeast, then east five times to to the second courtyard location. Memorize ozmoo, and continue east into the Temple. You will be captured and put in a Cell.

For Your Amusement:
Examine paintings in the Gallery, and cast zifmia on the portraits of Dimwit Flathead and the Wizard of Frobozz.
Listen to the guards' conversation while in the cell.
Talk to the guards while in the cell.
Cast nitfol, vaxum, and cleesh on the guards.

Cast ozmoo on yourself and wait two turns. After you are "sacrificed", go down off the altar, open the south cell door, go south and get your possessions. Go back north out of the Cell, then west twice and south into the Closet. Cut the rope with the dagger, then drop the dagger. Open the box and get the vellum scroll (melbor: protect magic users from harm by evil beings). Read it and gnusto it. Melbor yourself.

Go north, then go east through the temple four times until you come to the Junction. Go north to the Library. Examine the rat tracks and then reach in the hole you find to get the frayed scroll (gondar: quench an open flame). Read it and gnusto gondar. Go south four times to South Gate, then west three times back to the tower and up. Open the strongbox and get the brittle scroll. Blorb your spell book before going to bed.

For Your Amusement:
Cast kulcad on the rope, then have the adventurer cut it with his sword.

Day Four: Translucent Rooms and Warlock's Tower

Stand. Open the strong box and collect your spell book. Go down, east, and down twice into the first Translucent Room. Go south and east. Look at the map. (The pencil only has enough graphite to draw twice, and enough eraser to erase twice.) Connect B and K. Connect P and F. Wait two turns until "you can no longer sense the evil presence nearby". Disconnect J and V. Disconnect B and K. Go northeast, southeast, and southwest and get the powerful scroll (guncho: banish the victim to another plane of existence). You cannot gnusto guncho. Leave the Translucent Rooms by going northeast, northwest, southwest, west and north. If you hear a "horrible anguished scream" from the Terror, you did it right. Drop the map and pencil.

Now it's time to go kick some Krill. Go up twice out of the dungeon, east twice to South Gate, north thrice to Junction, and east twice onto the Winding Stair. Memorize vaxum and gondar. Kulcad the stair; the stairway will dissolve. Don't worry about the items you drop; you'll keep hold of the guncho scroll you need. You'll also now find yourself holding the ornate scroll (izyuk: fly like a bird). Read it, then cast izyuk on yourself directly from the scroll. Fly to the east into the Warlock's Tower. Gondar the dragon. Vaxum the shape. Then guncho Krill. Congratulations, newest Member of the Circle of Enchanters!

For Your Amusement:
Lead the turtle or the adventurer onto the Winding Stair.
While falling down the bottomless pit, repeatedly wait.
Cast vaxum and nitfol on the dragon.
Cast cleesh and vaxum on Krill.

For Your Amusement at various times:
Try swear words.
Sleep repeatedly and see all the different dreams.
Cast kulcad on anything that appears magical: the banquet, the frogs, the pencil...
Cast guncho on anything that moves: yourself, the adventurer, the turtle, the frogs, the Terror, the hunched shapes…
Cast blorb, nitfol, and cleesh on yourself.
Cast zifmia on the old woman, the Implementers, Krill, Belboz, Entharion, the Terror, and yourself.
Try all the other spells on any object you possibly can.



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