This game involves some waiting around until people show up. If it's more than a few turns, you can wait 30 minutes (for example - each turn is one minute) or wait for [name] to speed things up, although your waiting will be interrupted if anything happens or anyone in the room with you is doing anything.

The Shanty and Lighthouse

Wind your watch. Stand up out of bed. Get the note, read it, and drop it. Open the dresser and get the key. Open the door and leave the room. Close the door and lock it. Go down, north, east four times, and south into the Shanty. Sit down. Order some food and get some water from the bartender. Eat and drink the water. Wait. When Johnny asks if you're interested in the deal, say yes. Stand up and leave the Shanty. Go west four times, southwest twice, and northwest. Wait until everyone shows up, and examine the object Johnny shows you. Go southeast, northeast twice, south, up. Unlock your door, open it, and go in. Get the passbook. The shipwreck book in the dresser is a game-package item that you use to determine which of two possible shipwrecks you will salvage in the game. If Johnny showed you a gold coin, it's the Sao Vera, at lat/long 40/45 and deeper than 200 feet; if he showed you a dinner plate, it's the Leviathan, at lat/long 25/25 and shallower than 200 feet. You can ignore the in-game item. Leave the room and lock the door.

For Your Amusement:
Order grog at the Shanty and get drunk.

The Mariners' Trust, Lookout Point, and Outfitters International

Go down, north, east four times, southeast, south twice, southwest, and north into Mariners' Trust. Withdraw $500. Go south, northeast, north, north, northwest, west four times, south, up. Unlock the door and put your passbook back in the dresser, then leave and lock the door again. Go down, north, east four times, southeast, south twice, and southeast. Wait here at Point Lookout for Johnny to show up. Show him the money. Tell him yes or no accordingly when he asks how deep the treasure is. Follow him back to Outfitters International (northwest, north, north, northwest, west, south). Wait for McGinty to leave. Johnny will rent the appropriate boat. Give the salesman your part of the boat rental. Buy shark repellent and a flashlight. If you have rented the Mary Margaret, buy a dry cell. If you have the Night Wind, buy putty, the electromagnet, and the C battery, and rent the air compressor. High tide is at 2:30, so you need to be on the boat at 2:00.

For Your Amusement:
Rob the bank, yourself, or someone else.
Put your passbook on the bank table.
Ask the teller about money or the bank.
Take McGinty's cigar.

The Secret Meeting and Aboard the Boat

Go north, east, southeast, south, south, southwest, west, and west. Wait here for McGinty and the Weasel to have a secret meeting. Go east, east, northeast, north, northwest, west three times. Look through the window into McGinty's office. Wait, then look again (you should see McGuinty). Wait twice and look again; McGinty should be gone. Open the window and climb through it. Get the envelope and go back through the window. Close the window. Examine the envelope. Go east, north, and north. (If you are on the Night Wind, go west twice, south, up, and into your bedroom. Examine the closet and get the wet suit, air tank, diving mask, and flippers. Leave and go down, north, east twice.) Go east, east, and south. Get some water and drink it. Leave the Shanty and go west twice and north onto the Wharf. Go east or west onto the appropriate boat. Go northeast (Mary Margaret) or northwest (Night Wind) and down. Hide the envelope under your mattress. Wait until Johnny arrives. Tell him the coordinates (Johnny, latitude is and Johnny, longitude is). Wait until he returns and tells you to get some sleep. Lie down and wait. When you awake, stand and get the envelope. Go south three times to the Captain's Cabin. Show Johnny the envelope. Go north and up, then return down. Ha-ha! Go north into the Galley and eat and drink. Go north twice more.

For Your Amusement:
When Johnny asks you for the coordinates, give him those of Hardscrabble Island itself (latitude 20, longitude 25).

The Sao Vera

Get everything here. Examine the machine. Open the compartment, put the dry cell inside, and close it again. Go south three times, then up. Wear the deep-sea suit. Examine the compressor. Attach the hose to the suit. Turn on the flashlight. Turn on the compressor. Dive 8 times, until you reach the wreck. (Open the canister when a shark approaches.) Go down and south. Get one of the bars. Go south twice more. Move the bunks with the bar, then wedge the bar under the bunks. Go south, down, and north twice. Turn on the machine. Since it's clicking extremely fast, that means you've found the chest with the treasure. Push the chest west and wait one turn for the orange line to swing by. Tie it to the chest and return east, then north. Examine the skeletons and get the sword. Go north again. Push the maple chest along as you go south four times. Stand on the chest and go up through the hole. Go north twice. Push the cask north twice. Stand on the cask. Cut the rope with the sword. Drop the sword and machine and climb the rope. Return to the surface.

The Leviathan

Fill the air tank with the compressor. Examine the drill. Open the panel, put the C battery inside, and close it again. Wear the wet suit, flippers, mask, and air tank. Get all the other items. Go south three times, then up. Turn on the flashlight. Dive three times (when a shark approaches, open the canister) and you will land on the top deck of the wreck. Go down twice more, south, open the door, and south. Put the electromagnet against the mine. Turn on the electromagnet and drop it. Go up. Remove your air tank and go south twice through the passage. Turn on the drill, drill the safe, and turn off the drill. Get the glass case. Go north twice and wear your air tank again. Go down, north, and up. Turn on the drill and drill the case. Open the tube of putty and put the putty on the crack. Go down, north, and up five times.

For Your Amusement at various times:
Tell time.
Follow, swing, and touch yourself.
Throw something at someone.
Search the Weasel multiple times.
Smell Pete the Rat, or any other character.
Eat another character.

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