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Most of this game is non-linear. You are turned loose in the environment and merely need to perform a certain number of tasks to move the story along. So instead of a "walkthrough", the bulk of this page is more of checklist. It is not comprehensive with regards to directions, so you will need a map external link (see page 9 of the PDF).There are a lot of possible actions and explorations not covered in this walkthrough. There are no time limits, nor a maximum score in the usual sense, so play around!

General tips

You play the part of a computer called PRISM. As such, you have various modes that you can enter: Communications Mode, where you begin the game, and where you default to when you abort simulation; Library Mode, where you can access various informational data files; Interface Mode, to control subsidiary computers and systems; and Simulation Mode, where you will spend the bulk of the game, simulating the effects of the "Plan for Renewed National Purpose".

While in Simulation Mode, you need to record certain events so Perelman can see them when you return to Communications Mode. Type record or record on to start recording and record off when you're finished. In many cases you can turn the recorder on just before you take a single action, then turn it off again, but sometimes it will need to be on for several turns. Your recording buffer can only hold so many minutes of video; when it fills, abort the simulation. (See each part below for instructions on what to do next.)

Part I (2031/2041)

To pass some time until you can begin the simulation, enter library mode and read the files there, which will give you some insight into the setting of the game. See the command instructions under the directory/file list for help on how to open directories and files in Library Mode. ("Secret Recreations of the Soul, ©2007", eh?) You can also listen to the news feed from Communications Mode by typing WNNF, or play around with the other communications outlets: PPCC (control center), RCRO (rooftop), PCAF (cafeteria), MACO (maintenance core).

You can begin simulation as soon as you receive the message with the list of the things you should record, around 7:30 PM, but you don't have to do so right away. You can finish reading and exploring everything else first if you like. When ready, enter simulation mode and enter the Security Code from the game documentation.

You begin the simulation in Kennedy Park. For the checklist below, you can simply turn on the recorder one turn before you LOOK or take the needed action (such as order food or official, hello), and then turn it back off again. You should be able to finish all nine items in a single simulation session by recording one turn for each.

1. Visit your apartment. You live in the Parkview Apartments west of Southway and Park.
2. Ride the subway. Entrances to the Tubes can be found at Rockvil Stadium, Bodanski Square, Halley Park West, the Skybus Terminal, Elm & University, Elm & River, Wicker & River, and the Airport Terminal.
3. Eat in a restaurant. You can go to Simon's northeast off Bodanski Square, the Coachman southeast off Main & Wicker, the Burgerworld northeast off Aquarium & Park, or Roy's Pagoda south off Elm Underpass.
4. Talk to a government official. He's in City Hall, west of Rockvil Centre.
5. Watch a court in session. Go to the Courthouse northwest of Elm & Park.
6. Talk to a church elder. One can be found in the First Methodist Church southwest of Aquarium & River, or at St. Michael's north and then west of Main & Church.
7. Visit a power-generating facility. Go to the Power Station, southeast and then south of Wicker & River.
8. Read a newspaper. Buy one from the dispenser in Bodanski Square.
9. Go to a movie. The Cinema is east and then northwest from Bodanski Square. Buy a ticket and then go in.

When you are finished recording things, or if your buffer fills, abort simulation. Wait a turn, and Perelman will notice you have recordings to review. Continue to wait until he asks you to go to his office, then go to PEOF and wait a turn for him to start talking. If you weren't finished with the checklist, Perelman will express disappointment and annoyance; ignore this and re-enter simulation to finish.

Looks like the Plan's going fairly well, doesn't it? Not so fast...

Part II (2051, 2061, 2071, 2081)

In each of these years, an assortment of bad (indeed, progressively worse) sights and events show up. To discredit the Plan and stop it from going into effect, you must record them and show your recordings to Perelman, as you did in the first section, to convince him that society will continually degenerate under the Plan. Each bad thing you record is worth a certain number of points, and you need to collect a minimum number of points from each year to "finish" it. You don't necessarily need to perform every action listed, but you can if you like (you may find it interesting). Some events can be seen in more than one year, but you can only count each event once. If Perelman says they want to see more from a particular year, you haven't collected enough points from that year yet.

After you've spent 300 game minutes in the simulation of 2051, when you next enter simulation mode you'll be asked which year you want the simulation to take place in: 2051 or 2061. Each successive simulation becomes available after you've spent enough game time in the previous one: 300 game minutes in 2051 unlocks 2061; 400 game minutes in 2061 unlocks 2071; 600 game minutes in 2071 unlocks 2081. You can see how much time you've spent in each by entering Interface Mode and typing simulation controller, status.

Whenever your recording buffer fills, abort simulation. Check the clock in the status line. Perelman can show up in his office from about 10 AM to about 9 PM. You can pass some time by reading library files or watching the news, or wait in larger chunks of time than the 10 minutes that pass by default with the wait command, such as wait 60 minutes. (120 minutes is the longest chunk the game will accept.) After you show your buffer to Perelman, you must wait about another hour for him to report the analysis results (which clears your buffer) before re-entering simulation.

When trying to record an event that is listed as happening "within your first ____ turns" in a location, it is a good idea to enter the location where it occurs with your recorder already on, since it often happens on the very first turn. However, if you miss an event you want to record, you can simply abort and then re-enter simulation mode, and try again. Some events are bad enough that you'll die and be booted out of the simulation, but you can just re-enter.

The first time you wait in Perelman's office, a psychologist will show up with a test for you; answer anything you like. After that, wait again for Perelman to show up in his office again and show him the record buffer then.


You begin in the Tube Station below Elm & University. You only need to collect 11 points from this year, so can easily get enough points to satisfy the game requirement in a single simulation session. However, you may find it interesting to see all the other "sights" even if you don't record them.

3 points

2 points

1 point


You need 21 points from this year. If you use the higher-scoring items, it should again be easy to collect the required points in a single session. You begin at Southway & River.

5 points

4 points

3 points

2 points

1 point


You need 41 points from this year. You begin in Bodanski Square.

10 points

9 points

8 points

7 points

6 points

5 points

4 points

3 points

2 points

1 point


You enter simulation at Main & Wicker. You need 15 points from this year.

15 points - Go south from Main & Wicker

8 points - LOOK at Main & Wicker

6 points - Go west from Main & Wicker

4 points - Go north from Main & Wicker

3 points

2 points

Part III (2031)

As you will soon learn from messages, your findings about the Plan are not popular with powerful people in the government, and they're none too happy with Perelman. Use up some time until the National Guard arrives to seal off the complex (read library items, for example, or poke around in simulation). Then enter Communications Mode and watch Perelman's office. When Senator Ryder comes in, start recording. Stop recording when he leaves, and switch to the Rooftop outlet (RCRO). Wait and watch until you see a skycar land. These people are here to sabotage you!

Enter Interface Mode and tell the HVAC controller to shut off ventilation in delta sector (the maintenance core). Then go back to Communications Mode and watch the maintenance core outlet (MACO). The zeeron fumes that are not being vented will knock the saboteurs unconscious and they will be taken away by the National Guard. (You can turn the ventilation back on afterwards, but it isn't necessary.)

Now you need to wait some more. At some point you will receive (or may have already received) a message that the World News Network Feeder would come online in "four or five hours". Four hours after receiving this, start checking Interface Mode periodically until you see the WNN feeder come online as an active port. When it does, broadcast your incriminating recording of Senator Ryder: WNN feeder, transmit record buffer. Wait a couple of turns. You've done it!

Epilogue (2091)

Enter Simulation Mode for the last time (you don't have to enter a security code here). There's nothing in particular you have to do here. This part of the game is just showing you the wonderful world that resulted from stopping the original Plan. Explore your apartment; in a few turns a skycab will arrive for you. Watch the descriptions of things in Rockvil as you fly overhead. And congratulations.

For Your Amusement at various times:
When in Simulation Mode, enter head.


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